• Wally

    The original Blood Sausage.

  • Andy

    Was the cocoanut agogo girl trying to steal from Fritz or Fritz was just being a cheep old bugger………….who knows, what a place Pattaya is!!!

  • Mark

    No money no honey


    It’s amazing that so many foreigners simply lose there mind after arriving in Thailand. They simply do not understand that behind that kind Thai smile, lurks a volcano of emotions just waiting to explode, especially when money involved. This guy found out the hard way and got cut up all over a few hundred baht! This is stupidity at its highest level.

  • deadhorse

    Although it is not recommended to aquire lady from coconut bar if you enter into an agreement it is expected that you keep it. Bad that you got injured buy maybe you deserved come-uppance for being a tight arse.

  • Mark

    Remember when in the Land of smiles, NO MONEY NO HONEY!

  • Dave

    Hate to say it… but serves him right.

  • Jake

    It was suggested that Fritz (Mr. Kregel), be admitted to the hospital to have more detailed treatment to his back wound to which he replied: “Eff-that, I can’t miss the free buffet at the “Spit on a Pig bar”….they only offer this once a week you see.

  • craig

    So he poked her and then she poked him. I think this is what they call double penetration.
    I am not sure what the police are further investigating. Are they unsure a crime has been committed?
    Given that is the case the next time a light fingered 7/11 girl shortchanges me I am going to stab her.

  • Wally

    If she’s 28 then I’m 28.

  • Sacha

    Another one of pattayas upstanding tourists all for 20 euro. Clearly brain dead.

  • Inspector Cluseau

    This story can’t be true, prostitution don’t excist in Thailand, LOL.

  • pete

    If girls don’t get paid, They simply has to call the police.They will go to the hotelroom, and the customer has the choice, between paying or gooing to to the police station. Girls walking around with a knife like that in theyr purse, are the innocent one!

  • Stubi

    When I read the comments here I see mostly the guy was stupid. Perhaps he made a mistake – we do not know. But this never justifies attempted murder – in no country.

    This women is sick and hopefully not on the Beach Road anymore.

  • Ian

    Never stiff a hooker. What a dolt

  • Ian

    The short time fee would have been much cheaper and less painful 😉

  • Monster Bob

    Sometimes a simple misunderstanding can become a very complex problem.

    Prostitutes are prostitutes for a variety of reasons. Considering the alternative, its usually better to pay and be done with it.

  • weasel

    this looks very much like Marin Place,not Marine Plaza.its hardly an hotel.

  • Bob T

    He should know better. Failure to pay in Germany carries a much harsher penalty.

  • pete

    Its indeed Marine Place, located in soi Buakhoi.
    You have a fish eye, weasel!

  • Tripod Dave

    Well said THE RABBIT

  • Bob

    Maybe he felt that there was true love between them so he thought he should not have to pay.

  • Johnny

    Sorry to say but I see so many stupid people. They are just blind to how the real world works. In Thailand you dont make a deal for sex then not pay. Your looking to get your ass in trouble. Stupid man. Serves him right.

  • Observing

    I agree with you Dave. It is one of Pattaya’s worst kept “secrets,” the guy that does not pay a girl or gives her some insultingly low amount. Then has the nerve to claim he got it for “free.”

    I am sure Pattaya is full of unsavory guys like these, retirees and tourists alike, who do not pay for services and then act faultless because it’s the “whore’s” fault.

  • Tom

    I don`t believe this story because there are no prostitutes in Pattaya. We have a very busy police here so they would have locked up a girl like this long time ago. Pattaya is a family resort without crime and prostitution. U don`t believe me? Go and ask for the truth in City Hall.

  • Geoffxx

    you guys are amazing, from what I am reading here you are actually trying to justify the girls actions, nobody knows what went on in the hotel room but one thing is for sure – this woman is dangerous and needs to be removed from service before she kills someone, lucky it wasn’t a gun she had in her bag or a larger knife – this story would read very differently

  • Observing

    What some people fail to understand is the mindset of some of these working girls, and at times their hard scrabble existence. It has nothing to do with what is behind the “facade” of Thai smiles or some other reasoning. These are working girls we are talking about not ordinary Thai citizens.

    The fact is, based on multiple anecdotes floating around, many guys in Thailand go around deceiving these working girls. Promising to pay them something and after the girl lives up to her end of the deal, the guy suddenly refuses to pay (or pays an insultingly low amount). And these non paying idiots think this way of further degrading a working girl makes them somehow more of a “man” when they brag to others of their exploits, and getting it for “free.”

    So I wholeheartedly understand why some working girls would be so worked up over not getting paid as to snap and resort to violence. That fool who didn’t pay and made her stab him, may in fact have been the 5th, 10th, even more than that, customer, who thought it jolly not to pay her. When you sell your body day in and day out to buy food to eat and support yourself and your family, and some idiot takes cruel advantage of that, then I will not cry if that non paying fool gets hurt badly.

    Maybe some of you should realize that it is not always the working girls to blame, that some of the worst in Thailand are the very people who travel there to take advantage of this industry. Before casting stones or judgement on the women.

  • Talksin

    Maybe was expecting a gatoey instead and didn’t pay when he found out it really was a she.

  • med142

    Why do ladies work in this profession, its the oldest one in the world. For money.Even educated ladies do. I have respect for these ladies who ply their trade, not seeking to rip off or hurt their clients. Some even get beaten up. He should have paid the lady fo her services. From the pictures here he was not hurt that badly. He got what he deserved.Perhaps he should try doing the same work.

  • Manuel Kregle

    A friend told me about the website news located here about me. I taken this lady to the hotel and when finish on my part I go to the bathroom.I come out and i see she is in my pants pocket with my money.I give her 700 bhat and ask her to leave and she tell me I have lot of money so she need 2000 bhat
    she is very loud and shouting so I go out to find some sercurity guards and she stab me from behind.

  • Jake

    @Observing….take a deep breath, exhale slowly, have a drink of H2O, relax. All you say is true,..but…”it cuts both ways” (no pun intended) Punter and Trollup alike. :-)

  • Deadhorse

    Well put.
    When lady is with a customer who does not pay she loses a whole working day which could mean the difference between eating and not eating or being in debt to others.
    “Lady friend” tell me she was taken by
    foreign resident to his home out in the wilds, not paid and deserted in the middle of nowhere. She was terrified. Luckily motorbike police gave her a lift home.It is a dangerous profession, is it any wonder the girls carry a knife.

  • craig

    Manuel Kregel, so your observant self failed to notice the big knife in little Miss “Slang Blade’s” hand? I can understand that at 58 you are not as quick as lightning but I would think you could have mustered the energy to throw her off the balcony.
    It seems a lot of folks here are defending the girl because as we all know girls are so innocent and never guilty of anything other than being sweet and loveable even with a bloody knife in their hand. You (providing you are not a poser) have the holes to prove otherwise. The fact of the matter is a girl that will sell her ass will sell anyone down the river in a heartbeat. Generally speaking whores are not nice people but neither are the men that frequent them.
    Mistakes are made when we judge a book by its cover. A sweet smile can be a bear trap. In this particular case I don’t see how this old broad could pull off a sweet smile. You may want to consider some new glasses to help spot better looking women and approaching knifes.

  • Jake

    @Herr Kregel….I’m curious..do you have past experience with this knife-wielding vixen or was the excitement of a stunning and unfamiliar woman too much to resist?

  • Talksin

    @Manuel Kregle. Your hands Healed pretty quickly. BTW 700b is way above the average rate.

  • Tim (nice but dim)

    Manuel Kregle “she is in my pants pocket with my money”

    Blimey she must be the size of Tom Thumb.

  • Deadhorse

    Sorry, another small thought.
    Have travel insurance, looked through it but does not mention payout on attempted suicide.Would like to read claim form (if he has insurance).Hospital trip could be quite costly,plus new shirt & lost holiday time.

  • craig

    Deadhorse, your sniveling rendition of reality gives me a chuckle.
    Without pointing out the obvious notion that prostitution is possibly an ugly business on both fronts let me ask you a question. Do you think the odds are far higher of a man being ripped off by a hooker or a whore being ripped off by a man?
    I do not see too many starving whores in Pattaya nor reports of men stabbing women after being fleeced.
    Bottom line is when 2 strangers go to a room with the intention of doing naughties both are vulnerable to bad things happening. In the unlikely event bad things do occur the matter should be written off as the cost of doing business. However if violence is involved it becomes a criminal matter (beyond the initial crime).
    One day a Costa Rican whore “friend” came to me to ask if I would cash a check a customer gave her. I had to tell her she had just been raped. I don’t remember her starving.

  • craig

    Tim (not too dim), good catch……

  • Chi-Ali

    Messes with the wrong b$&@h, 58 years old, shudve known better

  • Observing

    Indeed Deadhorse. I am sure there are plenty of real detestable characters like that in Pattaya, who take advantage of these girls. These types are easily spotted with their tales of bravado and manhood when it comes to Thai women, about how they get it for “free” and whatnot. Is it any wonder many people in their home countries have such negative views of these sex tourists and sexpats?

    No integrity, no decency, and they treat the very thing that brought them to Thailand in the first place for, the working girls.


  • Tripod Dave

    On paper your comment is right(land of pigs and fairy’s)..However in the real world.. i doubt she was selling her body day in and day out to buy food to eat and support herself and her family. she most probably was after a QUICK buck from a old man to support her and her boyfriends yaba habit..
    I expect if or not Manuel Kregle here is the real Manuel Kregle. the story he posted might not be far from the truth.. (she wanted more)

  • fritz

    No honey more money

  • Tripod Dave

    The working girls have a slang word for the boyfriend that pays . he is called a “Keak” .so feel no pity

  • Rob

    Yeah, when all that cash is so near yet so far, and Mr Kregle has made it clear it will remain so, the red and green mist descends and removes any logical thinking (if there was any to start with) from the brain of the baht hungry whore. I will go with Mr Kregle on this one, definitely a very plausible story!

  • Jason Born

    As a man you always have to pay for sex, for working girls and for your wife. However, if its your wife, the bill comes later, at your divorce. To refuse to pay for the service of a working girl, is just plain stupid. I hope, he will learn his lesson…

  • happy

    It could be that she did not perform the way that he expected or not at all and he refused to pay for bad service.
    It could be that she performed as expected and he simply pulled a Cheap Charlie on her.
    Either way, attempted man slaughter is not the way to settle ones differences.
    There should be absolutely NO support for her and her actions and if you do or think the guy deserved it then you are simply encouraging the small minded muderous mentality that so many people ( Thais included ) harbor in their minds.
    I would press charges to the max ( as far as possibly can be done) just to make a point and I would also have her charged for attempted theft ( even if that was not case) just to further press the whole issue.
    Even if he did try to outright cheat her, her reaction to being cheated hardly warrants pulling a knife on a client and then doing bodily harm to the person.
    She should be extracted from the street walkers scene and jailed so as to stop potentially killing another client in the future and who knows who it could be.

  • Stubi

    If I read all those comments here it is clear to me.

    There is not much difference to meet this killer lady or some of many posters here.

  • Deadhorse

    May be wrong (again) but this is how I see it.
    Take lady from Beach Road and both parties could rip each other off or worse.
    Aquire lady from club or good bar odds always in favour of customer.If lady bad customer can complain to establishment but if customer bad he is anonymous,may move hotel or leave for home next day.

  • craig

    “Aquire lady from club or good bar odds always in favour of customer.” I agree with the operative word odds. People are playing odds and with that sometimes someone loses.
    Some of these incidents could be avoided and odds improved if people would pay close attention during the initial sell. It only takes a few minutes to realize someone may be a nut case. Of course all bets are off in the Coconut Bar.

  • Jake

    “”””lady bad customer can complain to establishment””””

    Which usually has little or no effect. Best to stay calm and chalk it up to yourself not reading the signs that said she is sh*t-worthless. The signs are almost always there and can easily be read in the aftermath.
    BTW…I’m seeing a lot of post here calling this guy a non-paying / low-paying punter. According to his own post, they agreed to a price or at least he paid the going rate and she was the one who demanded an excessive fee…and in typical thai fashion, not justifying the fee based on her own worth or anything she might have done but just because “you have lots of money I need”……As far as I’m concerned the only mistake Fritz made was to turn his back on her.

  • craig

    Jake, I love the notion of a man being called cheap when he is not the one selling his ass for 700 THB.
    In this case I suspect the romance was over when he caught her helping herself to a tip of her choice.
    Before I was overstating the resolution that he should have been to throw her off the balcony but he could have at least thrown her shoes off the balcony in order to cut the conversation short and put her on the fetching run.

  • Jake

    Craig…”at least thrown her shoes off the balcony”…LMFAO, I never tried that one but I can see myself doing it!!!…Now that you mention her getting caught in his pockets…that is what this entire temper-tantrum on her part was about. She “lost-face”…those of us who have seen it enough times know.
    I’ve never seen it to the point where they stab someone, but I’ve sure seen some damn self-destructive actions just short of that.

  • Rob

    @Jason Born …. and all you other “cheap charlie” posters, you should really read all the posts and you will see Mr Kregle has given his version of the story. Yes it is his work against hers but I for one would believe our Mr Kregle long before any coconut bar whore!

  • Robert

    What’s the difference between an unpaid prostitute and a rape “victim”? Not very much and arguing with one of these girls is just plain foolish. Granted Thai girls are not as evil or manipulative as western women, but if you throw her out angry,or use any physical force on her, you’re risking bigger problems when she comes back with the police saying you raped or beat her. What really happened at that point is irrelevant. Pay her and chalk it up as a lesson, as someone else said the signs she was useless were likely there before you took her. It’s just not worth the risk even over 1000 Baht.

  • Ian

    Always shower valuables with you when a stranger is in the room. Better yet she should be in the shower with you and you keep an eye on everything. Hooker logic 101

  • Kuan

    @craig u are real strong about this subject .. I believe u picture yorself with the farang German .. A sex tourist , or a sexpat .. If yes u r no different than him all the farang tactics like lies, promises, deceit, even thou they r prostitutes they are still humans with feelings and they do it to make a living and support there familys,pay for room monthly and food , life is not easy in Thailand

  • Ian

    Kuan, it’s an even trade. Life is not easy ANYWHERE

  • Rob

    @Kuan …. you are trying to defend the indefensible … read Mr Kregle’s version and you will realize she is just a thieving Thai whore. Jake got it spot on, she lost face when she got caught trying to steal his money and over-reacted through rage and jealousy.

  • Kuan

    @rob how do u know that this person is mr kregle ? Germany is English American literate .. Reading his post doesn’t seem true .. Good story but until we know from his side of the story and this lady’s real story .. We can only assume

  • Jake

    @Robert…What “unpaid prostitute”..It seems that PON jumped the gun a bit with their headline. Khun May was paid the going rate for a coconut bar girl and considering that she was paid AFTER he caught her sneak-thieving through his wallet, the 700Bht was more than fair.

    @Poser-Kuan….thats really rich..a supposed thai lecturing a farang about lying and deceit…LOL

  • Rob

    @Kuan … it’s a perfectly plausible story and no reason not to believe it was written by Mr Kregle himself. I would certainly believe that over what any coconut bar Thai whore said any day of the week ….. and twice on Sunday!!

  • Observing

    It’s hilarious people are automatically taking at face value that Kregel himself posted the explanation. Kuan is right, how does anyone know it is the actual Kregel? Anyone with an internet connection can impersonate someone.

    Amazing how people readily grasp at straws to support their point of view. Always when it comes to a farang tourist/sexpat and a thai working girl (or “whores” to you), the farang is the victim.

  • craig

    Rob, you have to admit it is some kind of twisted logic where loss of face has nothing to do with the act of thieving but only about getting caught.

    Ian, are you suggesting we drag the contents of the room in the shower? Seems to me it will be a little crowded….and messy.
    Wouldn’t it be smarter to chain her to the toilet during shower time? No better yet, make her further earn the 700 THB by having her give the shower.

  • Jake

    @Observing….you have it back*sswards. Your point of view seems to be quite often if not always that all farangs are shite and your thai whores (or “working girls” to you)are innocent victims of circumstance. You should change your handle from “Observing” to “Looking through my Wan-jai’s eyes”. You obviously have a weak spot for the girls and are likely a rather easy mark that overpays regularly…that is if you have not been removed from the game by way of buying the Issan buffalo.
    If that is not correct then you have a serious case of “self-loathing” going on.

    You are somewhat correct about internet posers…your buddy Poser Kuan is a prime example.

  • craig

    I have noticed Kuan’s deliberate bastardizing of the English language to be inconsistent at best. From one day to the next he is off the edge on both sides from being the misuse of a few words to being largely unreadable. If (operative word) a poser is to expect any degree of posing success with believability he should grab one style of Thailish and stick with it.

    • http://www.pattayaone.net Pattaya One

      Kuan is no more


  • David Higgs

    He Vas only following whore-ders!! Not a good plce to start renegociating the terms and conditiond of the agreement !!!

  • Rob

    @Observing …..yes sure it could be an impersonator but why would someone do that? I have stated that “Mr Kregel’s” story is certainly plausible and knowing the Thai psyche and how the coconut bar whores work, I would believe Mr Kregel’s post over what the the woman in question said, any time!

  • Ian

    @Rob the point I was trying to make is to not give them an opportunity to steal. Some will, some won’t when given an easy opportunity but removing the temptation IMO is the best way to deal with it.

  • Ian

    @Craig yes, that’s exactly what I am saying. If you leave items out of your sight, with a stranger you invite trouble. If carrying a few valuables with you to keep them safe is too much trouble then don’t do it. :)

  • craig

    Rob, there is only one way of settling this matter. I say the BIB should release Miss Slang Blade in Observing’s care and let’s see what happens.

  • Rob

    LOL …. I hear you Craig!! 😉

  • craig

    Ian, there may be a few women that will strongly disagree with me when I say the only valuable thing in the shower with me is the one being washed. Perhaps I could try the old mouse trap in the pants pocket trick. I can still take the shower and just listen for a yelp.

  • Ian

    Lol Craig. You can also use the “fools gold rouse.”. Leave a fake gold chain (under 100 baht value) out and see who takes it and disappears in lieu of the ST fee. Sum num na!

  • Deadhorse

    As both customer and “lady” may need some protection from the other and knives bad, the only alternitive i can think of is c.s gas spray which could be a little disconcerting for room service waitress when she brings breakfast and finds me handcuffed to bed wearing p.v.c AND gas mask.

  • frankie thunder

    this is why you must get them from a bar-not off the streets…

  • Utah Saints

    And it’s not the first time, we read this type of story, or someone has lost money, phone, passport, credit cards..from a Pattaya Beach Girl, why bloody well go down that route, KEEP AWAY FROM PATTAYA BEACH, you guys posting know the score with what works along that part of Pattaya, keep to bar girls or go go girls, i have never lost anything, in all my times of visiting thailand and i have met some great girls over the years and still see them.

  • gwats

    I’m in Pattaya right now. I’ve pretty much given up trying to walk down beach road after 2 AM due to the predators that now inhabit the coconut bar.
    The girls in the bars may cost a little more, but it’s still cheaper than the bill from the local hospital and the loss of dignity.

  • karlheinz

    karl says
    frankie i agree with you i go to pattaya
    2 times a year

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