• Deadhorse

    I was greatly relieved to read the full story, as after seeing the headline I thought they were all caught in the same hotel room which would have made me look slightly inadequate as I can only manage six.

  • Nick

    So its OK for the Russians to do it!

  • Johnny

    Yes its not a usual sight to see a white man Pip with black girls. It more common to the the black man Pip with the white girls for sell. I happy to see this was not a reverse role. If reverse they would call it slavery.

  • Ian

    What an odd mixture of news stories

  • Don

    So why are these headlines together? Was he the pimp of these chocaladys?

  • pete

    The only place you can’t hide is…..Pattaya!

  • craig

    Ian, I could not agree more.

  • Observing

    Good riddance. Deport these people.

  • Kuan

    Where is the sympathy hes a farang and an American … That’s have to be a set up .. He is no criminal .. Help me with this people

  • Bob T

    Why in God’s name would anyone want a Ugandan whore. Especially in Thailand. It has to be the Russians, who don’t know Uganda has the highest rate of aids in the world.

  • craig

    Johnny, Do you mean Pip as in Gladys Knight? Yes she is black but other than that I fail to see how she has anything to do with the story. Are you suggesting that other than singing Gladys Knight had some side work?

  • Rob

    @Kuan … wise up you muppet, he’s into drugs so he is the lowest of low.

  • Sattahip Bob

    Those Ugandans are always hanging around near where the old pier used to be, i asked one, how much? and was quoted 1500..think i will stick to ladyboys LoL

  • Talksin

    Craig, I think he’s trying to say the Ugandans are now back up singers for the arrested farrang.

  • Jake

    Apparently this t*rd didn’t want to take any chances on his neighbors nabbing him as in his previous criminal activity:


  • SammySleaze

    Am sure if these ladies had payed there tea money to the right people they would be fine. If the bib want to look like they are doing a proper job .They should clear out all the imported ladies and let the locals have the business.What am I talking about TIT money talks.

    What was the American thinking? that he could hide in Thailand probably one of a few US friendly countries in that part of asia and they would not find him.

  • http://www.couponsforsephora.com/ supervondi

    Yes Thailand is the last place I’ll choose when it comes to hiding in SE Asia. I’m here and got nothing to hide at least LOL

    oh wait, would Singapore be worse?

  • Peter de Vries

    THe Ugandans will be deported upon first opportunity. That is if someone will come up with their airfare, which is very unlikely.

  • Andy

    “Suspected” prostitutes, huh? I also suspect that there are about five hundred “suspected” Ugandan prostitutes walking Sukhumvit Road in Bangkok every single night… However, that is only a suspicion. Maybe they’re just very friendly ladies who enjoy taking extended group vacations in Thailand and subscribe to the philosophy of free love. I would never be cynical enough to assume that they could be prostitutes! How could they be? Prostitution is illegal in Thailand and so it doesn’t happen.

  • frankie thunder

    throw the book at all of them…

  • Jake

    @Frankie….one problem with book throwing…damn few thais read any books and somehow I would guess the same could be said for Ugandan hookers LOL

  • Jon

    I think it was nice to see them in town. long may they stay.

  • USExpat

    Actually Bob T. South Africa has the highest rates of HIV per ca-pita than Uganda.

  • gk

    “their visas to reside in Thailand”. They had some sort of residence visa?

  • bruce

    “Residence Visas”!! for Ugandans,WTF? There’s enough crime in Pattaya, no need it import it.

  • Jake

    “”””no need it import it.””””

    Don’t you know thats TAT’s #1 talent….Uganda,Nigeria,Russia,etc….all countries with “sister-cities” set up by TAT.

  • Paul

    frankie thunder says:
    February 9, 2012 at 10:58 pm
    throw the book at all of them…

    What book Frankie??

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