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  • mikey

    what utter scum glad the kids have been taken into care as for the father who ran away he wants lynching good on the thai police for arresting this evil woman trying to sell her own flesh and blood

  • Jake

    Welcome to SE Asia….some grow vegetables, some raise livestock.

  • Tim (nice but dim)

    This is about as low as you can get, nothing else comes close. Hope the kids get taken care of and the parents get a good thrashing.

  • craig

    “attempting to sell her 14 year old daughter to foreigners for 80,000 Baht”

    Since the word foreigners is plural are we to assume the 80,000 upfront cost would be defrayed within a group of investors? Talk about putting the young un to work. I am unclear about how the mother intended to identify the cooperative(s) and then auction the poor girl amongst the bidding groups. It would have to be a “stand on the soap box” hawker approach that within the confines of a market would understandably draw unwanted attention by those just wanting fruits and vegetables.

  • frankie thunder

    is the mom the one in black t-shirt ??? MIKEY when your done jumping throw hoops with enjoyment consiter this…these kids will no douht end up selling themsleves anyway later on…so all that was done was a few months of “TIME-OUT”…as JAKE says–welcome to SE asia..

  • William

    Could well be caused by extreme poverty at Cambodia. False impression by the newspaper that only the foreigners are potential buyers. Possible the foreigners pay money no Thai patron would even consider?

  • Jake

    At age 14 the daughter was no longer effective as a beggar-child. She was probably not collecting the cash that she once was able to on her rounds of the bar complexes. A family decision that is as old as asia itself was made….and the open-minded,progressive western psyche so proud of its embrace of “diversity” and all that is politically correct is incensed….LOL

  • Monster Bob

    Lived in Cambodia for several years. Khmers have many opportunities to take out (local) loans from loan sharks within their own communities where the child “works” to pay it back.

    Coming to Thailand illegally with the intent of selling your child to a complete stranger with so many well-established traffickers in your own country???

    Sounds like there is more to this story. Family probably arranged a buyer before arriving and the deal fell through.

    Thank god she didn’t succeed.

    Once again, Pattaya Police, job well done!

  • Talksin

    Damit if they dont the financial means they should not be having kids.

    F.T. that isn’t necessarily true. Kids are innocent, it depends on they’ll be raised. Now that they’re in protected custody they’ll. Have a better chance.

  • Aussei Bill

    All you lot of Posters are in the wrong Country.
    I first went to Japan in the 50’s and Daughters were known as the Peasents “Second Crop”
    While I don’t condone this Practise it is a fact of Life in Asia.
    This woman is Guilty of attempting to cut out the “MIddle man”.There are hundreds of Thai Brothels who would pay the required sum asked ,But that would mean having the girl Contracted to stay in the Brothel for several years,Taking on Several Clients a Day.
    Is it any different to the Girls from Issan, Changmai etc? When you take a Mature Woman from the Bar (And I’m sure you do.)Do you ever think to ask her How she started he Career as an Escort?
    It’s a fact of life and if it offends you it’s time to head home or go Join the “Peace Corps”

  • Geoffxx

    Although this sounds discusting at first read is it not possible that missguided as it is the parents where trying to find a good home for this young girl as opposed to selling into the sex trade, either way naive and careless, there must be proper adoption paths they could have taken but being here illegally I guess that would not be possible…who knows

  • Rob

    @Geoffxx …. yes but the “proper adoption paths” don’t lead to an 80,000 Baht jackpot!

  • mikey

    frankie these kids might get another chance if there adopted or educated through the care system i doubt they will ever be returned to there natural parents, of course im only guessing this but just hope these kids get the chance of a better life

  • ianb

    14 years old is a bit young for 99% of Farang sexpats. Most Farangs would never consider a girl that age just out of fear of repercussions. Regardless or not of if they’d do the deed if it was ok by law.

    HOWEVER that age for sure she’d be at home in a Thai brothel. Would laugh at anyone who thinks otherwise. The only reason it’s news cause “Farang” is in the story somewhere, the girl is Cambodian and the 80,000 baht sum. Just head an hour away from ANY mid-sized city (or off the beaten path in any major city), or 5 minutes once you’re in a small city for brothels of young girls SOLELY for Thai customers.

  • craig

    Jake/Aussei Bill/Rob/ianb, yep! Would you all be surprised if the young rescued evidence asset somehow disappears along with the parents legal issues? What was once a family plan of selling the young harvest now becomes a dream financially awash in the sick sea of rolling nasty dice. It goes without saying that the real lose is the future of little Lolita.

  • dighambara

    Jake got it right. The slavery mentality is historical here, where the feudal system continues supreme…

    I saw this 45 years ago not far from where this happened.

    If Mom is in custody, then the girl must make her own decisions, which will likely put her in a worse situation.

    Sad, but not much any westerner can do

  • Don

    FN sick still though gents that this still continues in this day and age! May be the readers here can put together a fund and put it towards building an orphanage/early childhood education centre?

    Just a thought!

  • tourist maria

    the sins of the parents allways falls on the kids and every excuse is given to escape prosecution wrong hang them up by the feet and let the kids wack em

  • Jake

    @tourist maria….the daughter was probably thrilled at the prospect of providing a sizeable lump sum for her mother and father regardless of your point of reference.

  • petejonno

    Educated through the care system ?Did you just come down with the last shower ?You wont get a proper education in the education system let alone the care system.

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