• ianb

    Sad reminder that it can all go away in the blink of an eye. RIP..

  • Burnley Jon

    Chris mate. So so sad that this had to happen to a guy like yourself. You will be missed by many, RIP my cockney friend. Condolences to your family and Geng from Jonny & Sarah x

  • Tom

    Very sad. Hit-and-run again. I start to hate the Thais.

  • Wayne

    RIP Chris, nice lad on holiday taken away without warning. Hope they fid the scum who drove off after.

  • somchaisknackers

    RIP to this lad, if that was a thai under the wheels of a truck driven by a farang you can bet your last satang that someone would have made sure the truck driver be brought to justice and stopped, usually the motorcycle taxi guys are on it and love to get involved and would pursue till a big vehicle like that gets slowed by the traffic!

  • Jake

    10 to 1, the driver of the 10-wheeler never even touched his brakes.

  • Don

    RIP Chris and hope they catch up with the donkey!

  • pete

    A street full of people, but nobody could see the license plate of that truck…?!

  • ian

    rip Chris its just an over example of how low we farang are and in very real danger over hear no one could follow a ten wheel truck and get reg max seed 60 k;m if the driver gets away with this no surprise sad day for all farang

  • Rob

    Sad as it is, it’s the Thai way to do a runner even though it seems in this case it was not the truck drivers fault. The reality is, even if they find the truck driver he won’t face charges as it seems he was not to blame and it is not an offence in Thailand to do a runner after an accident …. that’s why they all do it!
    Seems like the victim was driving like a Thai using Thai mentality when he should have been driving like a Thai using (smarter) British mentality …. RIP young Chris.

  • Rob

    @Tom … if you are it’s time for you to leave …. just remember, YOU are the foreigner and you will never change how things are here and if you stay with that attitude you will get all bitter, twisted and angry and land yourself in trouble!

  • iamnotthai

    perhaps the truck driver (as majority of thais) has no driving licence, this could explain the runaway

  • Deadhorse

    If this news item is correct it was not the fault of the lorry driver.
    Not stopping after accident is not only a problem in Thailand.
    In the U.K there are also many hit & run drivers from Knocks in car-parks to much worse.

  • Peter

    Very sad indeed to see a fellow Brit to come to the end of life so young..as people say if it was a Thai 30 year old lying dead that truck would have been followed instantley by any Thai on a bike…seems like the Thai code of silence again..RIP Fella…

  • weasel

    31 years old, such a waste.thai driver,farang victim.we will hear no more about this sad event.

  • Farang-D

    RIP, Sad to see this.. I hope your trip on the other side goes well young man, T.C

  • Peter

    My condolences to this Man’s family it makes me wonder why do us Tourists and X Patts bother to go to stay in Thailand to support a Thai economy for Prostitution and corrupt cops and well known Scammers and Thieves.Leave it to the Russian’s as it will never be the same as it was 10 years ago..Let this place go back to Paddy Fields then they will understand they should have done something sooner than a get rich quick era..

  • Phillip

    So sad, so young, may he RIP.
    Unfortunately I see so many Farangs speeding and driving recklessly here on these dangerous roads, as long as that continues there were be more fatalities.

  • Ken

    RiP Chris, far too young to die

    Yet another reminder how carefully we should all ride motorbikes here…dont attempt any manouver that puts yourself at risk and remember ! assume every other road user is an idiot, which is probably almost true here anyway

  • Rob

    @Peter …. you sound like Tom and maybe you should stop “supporting a Thai economy for Prostitution and corrupt cops and well known Scammers and Thieves” and go back from whence you came. I for one still enjoy living in the LOS as it’s far better than back home and it amazes me to see the negative comments about Pattaya/Thailand/Thai people just because a foreigner has been killed and by all accounts, by his own carelessness.

  • Observing

    I agree with you Deadhorse.

    Seems like this happened rather quickly, and indeed I have seen my share of reckless people on the roads. To make all kinds of broad generalizations against Thai people and society is just indicative of the narrow minded view of many foreigners who post here.

    Hit and runs happen EVERYWHERE around the world. Even happens to, gasp, Thai people too. How often do we read of Thai people dying in accidents here?

    Something like this happens in an instant, and quite frankly the truck would have long gone before this registered in people’s mind, not to mention the ‘shock’ factor at just what happened. Thinking that someone would have automatically looked for the license plate and whatnot, just pure ridiculousness.

    Come on people, stop looking at Thailand and its people from your narrow minded brains. You do realize that you engage in the very same behavior you accuse Thai people of, right?

  • Rob

    @Observing …. well said my friend, the most sensible comment on this story.

  • ian

    yes the truck driver may have had little opportunity to avoid the accident but for no won to get the reg on a Saturday afternoon in broad day light a ten wheel wagon with furnisher on the back come on ..this lads parents need to no what happened

  • Geoffxx

    very very sad story of a young man in his prime RIP Chris

  • Bob

    WOW, Rob is now in overdrive defending the thais. 3 comments.

  • Johnny

    @ Rob about Tom and Peter:
    I couldn´t agree more. If you’re that p*ssed off by everything around you, just go back home.
    @ Observing very well say´d.
    Rip Mr. Gibb.

  • Barry

    Did the truck driver know he had even run over this man? Don’t think he would have felt much driving a 10 wheel truck. Terrible accident but had he been patient maybe never would have happened. Don’t think the driver could have done anything to avoid this.

  • Rob

    @Bob … not defending the Thais, just highlighting the reality of the situation.

  • Geoffxx

    This thread is about a young man called Chris that lost his life, it is not about Rob and his opinion of other people

  • mikey

    rip mate, its a shame, but weve all done it one time or another rent a moped in thailand
    most of us havent driven a motorbike in years back in our native homelands, but we get off the plane and rent a motor bike knowing the roads are sh*t and over crowded, the howls of protest when they brought in the crash helmet laws and the amount of us that drive these death traps when were p*ssed. i dont rent motorbikes anymore i walk or get a baht bus if im going up country i use a pick up, i try not to use a motorbike taxis as there all wired on lippos drive like nutters and some can be more expensive than a taxi meter,
    as for thais and stopping at accidents they dont even stop if its one of there own, i came to pattaya many years ago when there was only a beach road and a second road you could get away with riding a bike then, motor bike taxis were cheap and you knew most by name you could have a few beers and toddle off home at five six in the morning and be one of a few straglers on the roads those days are gone forever no more mopeds for me id rather walk

  • Tom

    @ Rob. You seem to be one of these guys excusing this stupid behavior by advising us to go back home if we are just p…ed off by this. I stay here since many years and I am tired of people like you, Rob. You love the easy way: accept stupidity or go back home. Oh my Lord!

  • Close Friend

    Chris we miss you so much! and thoughts are with your family every step of the way so heart broken and just want you home cant see how we will get back to normal any time soon

  • Bert

    Not much incentive to stay at an accident scene if innocent parties are ‘detained by Police pending further investigations.’

  • frankie thunder

    PETE–these days the thais don’t care about thai people—they care less for falangs…

  • kim

    With Over 12,500 deaths on Thai Roads Last Year and most of them on Scooters/Motorbikes!think there is Lesson to be learned here for Farang in Thailand,Another Sad Story from Sin City RIP

  • gerry

    Rip Chris. Such sad news.
    I used to work with Chris, affectionatley know as ‘spud’ to his work mates, at a BMW dealer just outside London.
    God bless him.

  • Peter

    @Rob I will tell you why I feel so bitter when accidents happen in Thailand and the culprit doesn’t even care to think that he has not just run over a wet sponge but a human body…this driver would have seen the accident coming up which ever direction he was coming from…had a friend of mine fell from the back of a Baht Bus one time right outside Soi 9 Police station not his fault the taxi set off before he was even seated..he lay on the road unconcious with 3 Thai police onlooking,I asked for there help as blood was coming from friends ear and was panicking like mad…them cops would not even help me to put him into the Baht bus to take him to Hospital they just watched me struggle alone to get him in..he spent 2 weeks in ICU tied to the bed with sheets..and I’m not willing to bring my past back into the future when Thai doctors tried to remove my Kidney for no reason…let this fella make us all think before we have our mad moment in Thailand.and please to all don’t travel there with no Insurance as you wont be going nowhere till the bill is paid..

  • Rob

    @Tom …. I don’t excuse or accept stupidity but if you have lived here as long as you say then you should know there are some things that just won’t change and will never be the same as it is “back home”
    I am tired of people like you who choose to live here but want things to be like they are “back home” ….. that, my delusional friend, will never happen, TIT!

  • Bob

    Good comment Tom. Rob is a thai apologist.

  • Rob

    @Bobthenob … can you please show exactly where I have defended the Thais. I merely stated that from the story it “seemed” like it wasn’t the truck drivers fault and even though I don’t condone it, that it was normal for them to do a runner. You along with Tom and Peter are somewhat blinkered by past experiences I guess!

  • Burnley Jon

    Please can we stop the bickering over minor favoritisms. This is a story about a friend of ours who has lost his life due to an accident. We’re all hurting over here who knew Chris. This is not really the ideal location for a slanging match between over opinionated morons who disagree with one another on every piece of news that involves Thais v Farangs. Some of you expats should be ashamed… How would you feel if this was a member of your family?

  • Ex work colleague at BMW

    Rip Chris x I am still in shock, i cant believe this has happened to you !! You were a top bloke as a colleague and as a great friend.

    Claire x

    RIP Spud x

  • gwats

    The next 20 years would have been so cool for him. What a waste.

  • Geoffxx

    Look Rob, I was trying to avoid this type of discussion on this thread as this is about Chris not about you and your comments but if you insist on dragging this thread down a rat hole then sobeit, we all know what Thais and Thailand are like, I’ve been here 8 years – I don’t have a problem with someone reminding us of that fact especially on a thread here where a young man has tragically lost his life, it is you and your smug attack on posters here that is not welcome, telling people to go home “if you don’t like it” is not constructive and quite frankly childish and missplaced on this thread, we all have our reasons to come here – perhaps the slightly better of two evils, your comments directed at other people here are unwelcome, please don’t bother to reply to this and show some respect for Chris and his friends and family

  • Rob

    @Geoffxx … Sorry but I have to reply to you because I did show respect for Chris if you just bother to read my first comment. As for “smug attacks” and “telling people to go home” they are not and I didn’t so I’ll treat your comment with the contempt it deserves because you are attacking me when it’s obvious you haven’t even read and understood my comments properly!

  • Bob

    @ Rob, so what is the reason that all your comments are defending thais. Not one of your comments have ever defended a farang. There must be one crime or accident when it is not the farangs fault

  • Minty

    If you ask me you’re all a bunch of wrongun’s. Talking crap when you should be paying you’re respects to a sound bloke with a heart of gold that would’ve done anything for anyone. Chris has worked for my firm and been a mate for the past six years. Show him and his family some respect and keep your arguments aside until face to face with each other in one of your ladyboy bars drinking shandy. REST IN PEACE Chris – a wasted life but am glad I knew you for some of it.

  • Rob




  • Friend

    Waste of a life, you will not be forgotten chris, still remember the laughs we had when I was younger, rest in peace <3

  • http://Bernie_clifford@yahoo.co.uk Old friend

    I knew Chris when I was 15. we had such a good laugh and he was cheeky too! Although I had not seen him in recent years I will miss him terribly! My thoughts go to his brothers and parents.

  • Kuan

    Rip to the man that died .. But as u all know driving in Thailand is very dangerous.. Not many people obeys road rules here .. If you’ve been here a few times then you should very well know .. According to the reports he overtook , clipped another vehicle and an oncoming truck ran over him! Now tell me in your right mind that it was the trucks fault ? He only kept going because he was afraid that he will be taken to jail by running over a person it’s just simple in the mind of a poor truck driver … And I’m sure any human that have injured or caused death couldn’t sleep at night realizing what had happened.. So let’s use our common sense here before pointing and blaming who was involved.

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