• Wally

    All they need to do is wait for next week when they meet again.

  • Jake

    No plomplen…a little extra make-up and Omar,Jugdish,or Saheed will never notice.

  • Don

    Pattaya, Pattaya,
    Stab-eya Stab-eya, Phuuying love you mak mak

    Be sure to see some of the sites,
    Drink Whiskey on the beach,
    pickpocket foreign tourists,

    Handsome man, very chic,
    I like you, very big, sexy man, Pattaya,

    Pattaya, Pattaya,
    Stab-eya Stab-eya, Phuuying love you mak mak

  • mr tom

    fair play to this ladyboy at least he is trying to make an HONEST living instead of stealing off tourists

  • pete

    Never a dull moment @ coconut bar….

  • Jake

    @mr.tom…..Explain to me what the “HONEST” is in a man who pretends to be a woman, and goes down the street to sell his/her ???….wait a minute, I don’t think I want to know your thoughts on this after all…LOL.

  • mikey

    ive never seen so many lady boys as there are now in pattaya theres one in a bar i go to its allways on the ponce for beer if it had a baht for every time it has been told to f off by custermers it would have about a hundred rai of land by now, it seems every soi has got lady boys hanging about shouting and whistling, you cant go more than 3 days news without hearing about lady boys ripping some poor tourist off or pick pocketing or mugging some poor sod on the beach there getting the reputation of thailands pikies

  • http://www.xvibratory.cz/ andy

    Yeah, tell me about it. First day, got drunk and walking at Beach road. Ladyboy come to me, hug me (my first day!) so I huge her too. After 30 minutes I realized I don’t have wallet. This experience costs me 20 000 baht. :) But I still considering myself lucky, cause I had in the same pocket my only one passport.

  • frankie thunder

    i’ve seen worse around soi-6

  • The Royal Glitterman

    Are there actually any REAL women left in Pattaya these days? At least 95% of them are katoeys and 95% of foreign male visitors are the men who love katoeys.

  • craig

    The Royal Glitterman seems to have been mislead or confused more than once to sight a 95% ratio. Reads like that boy went through hell in Pattaya. Maybe, for some reason, the LB’s find him to be sexy. Good lord do the math. I would be upset too if I had to go with 19 LB’s before finding a girl.

  • Damo

    must be going to the wrong sois…..
    walked down soi six a few times drunk at night & there’s a load and 6/1. they know not to touch me, as I make it quite clear in a smiling polite but serious way. had a lauugh with loads, but no touching.. the one at the top of soi8 on the left’s a right laugh…..must be 6′ 3″ with a deep voice…. the multiplying is becoming a big problem tho seriously.

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