• Wally

    Try to tell a drunk person they’re drunk. Good luck with that. Lock them up and make them pay. You have 10 million baht buses clogging the roads let them take you home. And happy New Year.

  • Max

    QUOTE attempt to educate local drivers on the dangers of driving drunk or without a safety helmet

    Theres only one way educate these thick sculls. Take away the vehicle and crush it.

  • Jake

    “””with masseurs who would be delighted to offer drivers the opportunity to relax and ease their stress”””

    LOL!!!…I love it!!!….ease your stress while the coppers relieve you of your excess cash which must be causing all your stress….LOL

  • craig

    masseurs? Is that with or without happy ending? Only in Pattaya will you find a sporting checkpoint.
    What are the rules as to how many times you are allowed to get stopped in one day?
    Will there be any privacy or will I have to get done on the curb in front of all the cars driving by and pointing fingers? That’s going to get ugly.

  • adrian

    Why do we have a TEMPORARY road safety campaign ? Why not PERMANANT all year round ? Almost all of the road accidents featured on Pattaya one news are the result of drunken driving or other stupid things that could be prevented.

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