• craig

    I would think, even at his age, he should have been able to taste the crushed pills.
    The Bangkok Post the other day described the commonly used concoction as odorless and colorless and works in 15-20 minutes. They did not say what it actually consists of. If something works in 15-20 minutes I would think there would be time to get away providing the first symptom is not 2 ladyboys sitting on your chest looking at their watches.

  • somchai

    them katoeys don’t look at all worried…known to cause trouble but allowed back in the hotel???

  • Rob

    just shoot the f***ing Katoes, they are nothing but parasites!

  • Khunjan

    Same s**t, different day!

  • weasel

    iranians and katoeys in the news once again!thats what they come here for.

  • William

    Good to see these criminals are back home. That is soi 9.

  • http://khiaao.blogspot.com Khiaao

    Poor Chap

  • johnny

    staff at the Hotel who recognized the two transsexuals, who had caused trouble there before.

    They mean drugged someone before. Why dont these cops lock these ladyboys up. The 500bt fine is not working.

  • mickey

    why did they spike his drink at his age he would of fallen asleep at the drop of a hat, the katoeys in pattaya are a law to themselves they dont care if they get locked up, i feel sorry for the old guy he probally thought they were femail and this would be his lucky day

  • geoff

    just like the jumpers who kill themselves from hotel balconys.it happens once or twice a week

  • Bob T

    This is what makes Pattaya Pattaya. If they gave an IQ test for admission the streets would be empty. 40 years ago there were no katoeys in our lovely little city on the bay. They add color and hurt no one with a iota of common sense.

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