• Wally

    This probably happens all the time but you need to know someone on the city council.

  • adrian

    They should check the Doctors qualifications.He doesn’t sound like a real Doctor,to me.

  • craig

    She should have hobbled over to the doctor on that one good leg of hers, and punched him in the nuts.

  • hakan

    50million US citizens dont have health insurance and each year 40.000 of them dies because of not having a health insurance , this means they die , just beacuse being US citizen. Thank god borned and raised in Turkey everyone has a health insurance.

  • frankie thunder

    CRAIG and WALLY ,, i agree with both you 100%… lazy doctor…fire him and give him jail time..

  • Jake

    No money in her pocket is the likely cause of the lack of treatment. She’s lucky she wasn’t transferred to Sattahip to die with all the other paupers….BTW…hakan, I would tell you that your U.S. Healthcare statistics are total B.S. and left-wing propaganda, but you probably would not be open to a suggestion of facts.

  • hakan

    @ jake
    if u got the correct statistics i am would like to hear.

  • craig

    hakan, here are the numbers. 40,000 out of 50,000,000 is statistically impossible with or without insurance considering the average human lifespan. The number of people to die naturally, with or without medial treatment is far higher. I am afraid liberals are playing a shell game on you.

  • Rod

    I would say a vote for that city councilor is a vote well placed.

  • Dave


    You are ignorant of the way healthcare in the USA works. Nobody in america is denied healthcare if they need it. Nobody. Not a single person gets turned away from the hospital if they cannot pay. The hospital will bill them, and if they do not pay the balance will go to collections, but even then and even if a person owes the hospital a million dollars, the hospital STILL has to treat them if the come back.

    Sure many people do not have health insurance. But that alone does not cause death. Stupid people do that pretty well on their own.

  • TCR

    Hakan is correct. Somewhere between 45-55 million Americans don’t have health care. I’m one of them!

  • Lewis

    The teen was in an accident, so money should not be an issue!

  • TCR

    Dave: I know people who have lost everything and are still being hounded by the collections department due to unpaid medical bills. It can literally ruin your life. Pretty sad.

    Lewis: That’s if the person who hit her even stopped.

  • jo-macral

    Being Canadian, we all have healthcare, however in the US, even if you don’t pay for healthcare, they are still legally bound to treat you. They will just bill you later. Not having healthcare does not increase the death rate in the US, unless the person in question is too stubborn to go to the hospital to start with.

  • Chris

    hakan, You are ignorant.

  • med142

    Even the x-ray is not a good one.The knee should have been included, as proximal fibula could be broken.

  • med142

    This poor girl needid and urgent operation to conduct an MUA to realign the fracture. If it could not be realigned then an IM nail inserted.
    where facial x-rays conducted? where are the x-rays of th knee, as could have a fractured proximal fibula.
    This DR should not be allowed near a PT again without supervision and needs retraining

  • Rob

    I’m just wondering what this poor girl getting hit by a car, breaking her leg and getting unprofessional treatment at the hospital, has anything to do with the Turkish, US or Canadian health care systems!

  • Jake

    @hakan….I provided statistics in my first post. They were censored by the editor.

  • hakan

    @ jo-macral
    u say :
    ” Being Canadian, we all have healthcare, however in the US, even if you don’t pay for healthcare, they are still legally bound to treat you. They will just bill you later.”
    so tell me what is the dfference? if u had money u would have an isurance intead paying those hunreds of thousands dollars after treatment. They dont go to hospitals bcause they know they cant pay the bill.

    Not ignorant then u.

  • craig

    Rob, it has a lot to do with the poor girl. If we can establish that Turkish doctors provide a simple remedy of goat milk and yogurt for every ailment then perhaps we can give the girl some free medical advice.

  • haka

    i think goat milk and yogurt is much more healhier then those hamburgers and fried dirty foods , dont u agree wih me ?
    Stop your superior ego everyone knows the realities n US and in EU ( if there is still a EU ) is suffering from unemployment and even from hunger.
    Nothing is the same as it was in the 1990s. What kind of growing rate your country has -5? we have 11 this year.
    Wake up from your american dreams and see the realities.

  • craig

    haka, 11% wow Poncho that is good news because with that kind of sustained growth you could be on par with Mexico as to per capita income in just a few more years. Doesn’t that sound like a dream?

  • hakan

    Post deleted – Enough Please Hakan and Craig. Let’s get back to comments on the news story please.

    Thanks, Admin

  • Jay

    This doctor must be an unjustifiable man. The governement have to give him at least a sharp reprimind, or to sack him

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