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  • Dave

    what other incident warants 7 bullets??.welcom to the wild west of Thailand..and they are trying to attract tourists..what a joke!

  • hello

    Dear Dave, Pattaya is not for tourists; it is the hub for devils.

  • Jake

    Hit-men in training….probably were paid to knock off a couple Russians for practice.

  • pete

    Its clearly, Pattaya is getting more and more a family destination….
    Maybe the Indian tailorshops can start making bulletproof vests….

  • pattaya resort

    A coach is in charge of a sports team. This is a bus.

  • Anus

    Any English person knows that a coach is in Thailand a tour-bus. It is the original name for the carriage pulled by horses for money on journeys as required. Bus is for those who find good english had to use. Bus is from omni-bus meaning single vehicle for the movement of people on scheduled services. Dude!

  • Eddie

    This is how they care Tourism , which is their only income…

  • gwats

    Actually, it is an over the road, Passenger Coach. I drive one here in Denver.

  • Ben

    What kind of mind can do this!!! Its a great chance that there were no tourists inside!! I think police should follow the case very carefully and find the guilt. Just after the decrease of tourist arrivals due to flood, this case is another unpleasant situation for tourist. To gain foreigner’s trust, government definitely should put their finger on this situation!


  • trevor

    what a shame it was empty

  • mal

    poor grouping of the shots

  • Sweet Boy

    These actions will affect the number of tourists coming to Thailand. Authorities should really dig into this. Land of smiles… Huh

  • coop

    Why the Russians? They are the main source of income in Pattaya…

  • spinner

    Hey Coop!

    I do not think it is to the Russians. Most probably the driver of the bus had a small race with some one who got pissed at him and fired those shots.

    could the driver be drunk? since it is the night time…


    It’s a Thai thing. When a Thai thinks or attempts to think that somehow he or she was insulted, they then immediately shoots an illegal gun at whoever is close. It does not sink into their drug raddled mind that innocent people might get hurt because he or she all live in such desperate poverty that life is cheaper than a bullet and if he or she gets caught they will either be released in less than a year because no one wants to pay to keep them in the monkey house where they belong or they are released by a politician or other rich con man who pays the tea money in exchange for a long term loan against the family farm.

  • JAMS

    Thailand will start to lose Russian Tourist.

  • Keith Ashton

    Admin – Comment Deleted.

    Please can everyone refrain from sending us anti-Russian comments please….they will not be published.

    Thank you.

  • islander

    how dare to show off like this..?? this is easiest way to display their ignorance..!! peace..

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