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  • khon kaen

    An SEO company with a Google Page Rank of 1 – not impressed.

  • Fraank

    PR is not importent, but the traffic and the Alexa Rank, buddy ;-))

  • jo-macral

    I’m in the SEO business myself, and PR is everything for an SEO business.. If they cannot rank their own website, how can they expect to improve a clients site?

    Traffic is crap if it’s not organic. You can buy millions of hits for dollars from any cheap traffic site, that will both increase your Alexa Rank, and possible consumer interest but it will rarely result in extra sales.

    PR is king, and primary method to earn trust with your customers. There are far to many fly-by-night failures that have a PR of 1 out there, many of which are merely scam or information harvesting sites run by spam farms.

  • phuketrinteln

    Don’t get carried away with all the glitz and glamour of this company launch party. This professional appearance only proves how easy a few photos, a video and paying for the Mayor to come can deceive the mind. I know of a few people who have worked for this guy and all have the same opinion. CEO name is not even his real name. The staff are paid poorly, there is a high turnover of staff which of course can only impact quality of work. I have heard of ex employees being physically threatened, visas being revoked without notice and all sorts.

    They have only about 3/4 current customers who use their SEO services and even those are only tied into other business. Half the staff on their promotion video and photos don’t even work for the SEO section of the company but instead another business all together. SEO is a very hard market where quality is essential. There are many bad companies in this industry and this is one of them. If you do indeed care about SEO then dont use this company. Steer clear. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

  • Adam Beaumont

    Page Rank is not itself the only thing to be concerned about, how it ranks for its key phrases are. Good publicity though :)

  • George

    Spot on and well said @phuketrinteln.

    Their main business is coach hire and I doubt SEO is their forte. I too know of a few people who worked at this company with some very bad feedback about the CEO. It’s not even his real name – and I wonder why.

    They concentrate on so many areas at one time that it’s almost impossible for them to generate good quality results via SEO – yet alone on their own site.

    I would not be surprised if they used Buildmyrank link building services for their own coach hire site because at present, it’s not even ranking at all.

    Avoid this company – there are many better in Pattaya.

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