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  • Bobo


  • Ian

    Why is everyone standing around watching?… And why can’t they put a screen around him and move onlookers on and show the man some respect?…

  • auld super

    they always do that don’t know why.

  • Tom

    William, you will be missed. All your friends at Lolitas Pattaya.

  • A Friend

    Whilliam, you are missed brother. Many JDs drank to your honor while photos of you judging a dance contest played at FLB Bar on Walking Street tonight. Rest in peace, and enjoy the better place you are undoubtedly are in now.

  • Cribba & Konte

    I.. Cribba and Konte have known Lasse,,(William) for you..!,, for about 17 years.
    He was a funny guy and a good friend with lots of humor and even deep thoughts.
    Its really ****** up that his life had to end this way, because we wanted him to be happy and get a grip of his life after his motorcycle accident he had in the 80`s.
    So Lasse,,our friend,,you have your place in our hearts and we will remember you as the good, gently, funny person you were.
    /Cribba & Konte


  • Jocke

    Just learned of your death, you will be missed, RIP.


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