• dan


    told you though – this is going to be big.

  • craig

    Another good job by the police! I am really not sure I believe the motive given but I do think croquet is kind of gay.

  • William

    His story is probably not quite the truth but doesn’t change the dramatic result. One dead and one long term in jail. Well done by the BIB indeed.

  • rob

    amazing in howmutch trouble people can get. in this case it looks like it caon not be bad more.howmutch jail you get for this?

  • craig

    Well done rob……..whatever you are attempting to say. Have another drink.

  • adrian

    It is good news that this killer has been caught.I don’t believe his story.Why would anyone believe what a murderer says about his victim ?.If the police had managed to prevent you from publishing this story,would the killer have been caught ?

  • pete

    I think it whas a rip-off.If your not gay, you don’t go with a gay person,3 time in a row to his room, period.

  • Deadhorse

    Bib put him through the hoop.

  • Bill the Voice of Reason

    Great to know that people who are basically terrorists can get refugee status in Thailand where they can prey upon the “wholesome” type of tourists that Pattaya is trying to attract. What’s next, refugee status for convicted child molesters who are persuced as criminals in their home country?

  • gwats

    Well, if the murder victim was concealing his gay lifestyle, he’s been ‘outed’ now. I don’t believe The story
    he was telling. He went to that man apartment to rob him, and when he put up a fight, he murdered him. Enjoy the next 30 years in the monkey house.

  • Rob

    @craig … lol, please take note, that is rob without the capital r, please don’t confuse him with me ;-)

  • craig

    Rob, it is not diffficult to notice and seperate your reasoning from your little freind rob.

  • rob

    @ craig and Rob
    you to are a cute couple together. complaining everything and everybody.
    if you dont have something better to do then i feel sorry for you both.

  • Khun Bozza

    That’s how the Arab restaurants manage to get away with hiring more Arab workers than Thais,the Arabs are refugee’s.

  • Pip

    This murderer and thief is going to wish he was dead too, after the Thai Penal System has finished with him.


    Don’t need to be Hercule Poirot to see through that one. lol

  • craig

    Rob, I think you will agree that yours is a common name. Correct me if I am wrong but I think we have 2 little rob’s commenting here from time to time. This one currently playing the gnat role I believe to be the second little rob. Henceforth I will refer to this peanut as “little rob trying to do a # 2”.

  • Jake

    “””This murderer and thief is going to wish he was dead too, after the Thai Penal System has finished with him.”””

    Perhaps not….His biggest problem will be getting enough to eat and likely as not some f*cked-up do-gooder outfit will help him with that.

  • Jake

    Aagghh!!! Deleted from my last was a graphic reference to the low moral standard inherent in the murderer’s native culture regarding sexual proclivities with barnyard species.

  • craig

    Jake, are you implying a shepherd might have ulterior intentions towards the flock other than herding?

  • Jake

    @Craig….Sheep herding is the oldest profession, not prostitution. The prostitute merely filled a profitable niche when the favorite goat died.

  • frankie thunder

    he looks to me like a wanna-be hollywood hit man

  • frankie thunder

    — WOW — what a story !!! for once pattaya one news has a “BEST SELLER” on there hands…i could’nt stop reading !!! here’s hopeing he gets a life term with no parole….

  • ROB

    Craig what is a “freind”. Regards ROB 3

  • craig

    Rob, now we have ROB. I can’t tell if this one is friendly. This is going to get confusing.:(

  • Rob

    @Craig … don’t worry we’ll soon suss him out :-)

  • Adam

    I’m not sure what I would do if somebody tried to rape me at knife point. Maybe I would try to turn the knife on my attacker too.

  • Rob

    @craig … he’s got nothing better to do than try to be a smartarse with your spelling mistake, so not very friendly!

  • Jake

    Its sad that Jonesey lost his life in this incident R.I.P., but given his pattern of choices it was somewhat predictable.
    A. Inviting a stranger to his rented room.
    B. Imbibing in illicit mood altering drugs.

  • craig

    Rob, OK I did not even catch the mistake when he was trying to point it out. Well I guess it is nice that someone is critiquing my work that closely.

    Maybe ROB is “freindly” because little rob trying to do a # 2 would have been beside himself at not picking up my grievous error.

  • craig


    C. Explaining to the Syrian that croquet is gay and its president will expect anal sex.
    D. Allowing someone to repeatedly stab his neck.

  • craig

    Rob, funny. My doctor has a sign in the office that intentionally misspells every second word. Most people understand the meaning of the paragraph without any trouble. The sign is meant to demonstrate that most people read sentences and process language pattern and word predictability to where the actual word is merely a place marker as long as its general appearance is close enough not to distract the reader.
    Does, “amazing in howmutch trouble people can get. in this case it looks like it caon not be bad more.howmutch jail you get for this” have the structure to convey meaning?

  • Kloymaie

    Welcome to the Bangkok Hilton mr. refugee!

  • Jake

    C. Trying to explain the nuances of croquet to a goat-herder

  • craig

    Nuance you say? While the connection between croquet and goat herding is now much clearer who would have thought the rules of engagement are similar to a Pinoy knife fight.

  • frankie thunder

    ADAM– i don’t believe for a minute that the old fart tryed to rape the arab by knifepoint…

  • gwats

    Looks like those extra stab wounds and the items stolen from the Condo made the Syrian’s story hard to accept. Enjoy Prison, and don’t expect any spare knives to laying around when you are expected to ‘put out’.

  • Stuart

    Some facts about this case perhaps. I am the guy who found the victim. I supplied police with the (previously unknown) phone number the Syrian was using the day Police tracked it and found him and was with Police when he was arrested. I knew the victim for 3 years and spent a lot of time with him socially when I was in Jomtien. Noboddy will ever know for sure what happened inside the apartment but some questions can be asked.

    If I were to kill someone in self defence I would probably not hang around, search his apartment, try to open his room safe and steal stuff – Id get out of there quick-as.

    The only mind altering substance I ever saw the victim indulge in was an occasional gin. The killer was a frequent user of ganja.

    The victim never contacted the killer for any of their previous meetings. I was with the victim on each occasion he was contacted by his killer.

    The victim met his killer (who was) walking out of the kitchen of the restaurant on the cnr of Soi VC and No.2. while eating there with other staff after dark (Ramadan at the time). The restaurant owner claimed not to know the killer but later(after the arrest)acknowledged he had ‘fired’ him. The killer and victim exchanged phone numbers outside the restaurant.

    The killer had roughly 1 million THB in his possession when arrested. Not bad for a unemployed refugee who freqently travelled between KL and TLD. We know that the killer was ‘gay for pay’. At 400THB for oral..do the math.

    The knife used was not from the victims apartment..the killer bought it with him. Odd how the victim managed to get hold of it to threaten the killer.

    The killer claims he was invited to the apartment to smoke ganja. Odd. We know he had gone there on two previous occasions for paid-for sex.

    I have faith in the Thai justice system to get the sentencing outcome right.

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