• homme

    Hmmm… who is that chap in the superman shirt? Is he related to the suspect?

  • craig

    Good work BIB….. I think about 70 years should be about right.

  • Jake

    For this type of crime, Toul Sleng torture center should be re-opened and returned to operational status.

  • Bill the Voice of Reason

    The perfect cure for Pattaya’s beach erosion problem. Tie a hundred kilos of cement blocks about the neck of all of the international credit card skimmers that are robbing people blind in Pattaya and having a negative impact upon tourism. Drop them in Pattaya Bay. After a few hundred of them are drowned, the beaches will return to normal and an artificial reef will form off the coast which attracts fish.

  • Stevo

    Well done BIB. I know us expats always like to take the piss out of law enforcement here, but you have to give credit where due.

  • Jimmy Olson

    I think that might really be superman and that he was in on the arrest….look up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…..superfarang

  • alex

    who is superman ??????????

    • unknow


  • frankie thunder

    courts deside weather to charge him or not—-> what the hell !!!! they got him red handed… i say bust him BIG TIME….

  • frankie thunder

    ALEX—> guy looks more like PORKY PIG then SUPERMAN !!!!

  • frankie thunder

    JAKE– PORKY PIG (see backround of photo)must be the brains of this syndicate..ha ha… LOL…

  • P.G.

    I think farang superman is an undercover thai policeman, make up done by a katoey !

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