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  • Lazar

    What’s the fine for having a loaded gun in public? I know other dangerous weapons like knives carries a 100 baht fine lol

  • Kamal

    What a stupid boy…

  • Bobby

    Why is he upset? He’s going to get half her money when she is finished. Bad Pimp

  • Rambo

    What a douche bag

  • Ken

    —And you guys actually live and enjoy yourselves in Pattaya with these Nobs hanging around in every alley and Beach road? Just remember, what goes up must come down…hopefully not on your head.

  • dan

    Well Ken, that may well be the case, however I for one will take it over UK weather, taxes, fuel bills, weather, food, chavs, other anti-social disorder, selfishness, aristocracy…. e.t.c.

    compared to THAT i’m living in heaven.

  • Timmay


    If you’ve ever been here, you will realize this is heaven compared to any western society. Crime is in every city around the world, and is something you have to deal with regardless where you chose to live.

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