• Relic

    The company does not know the person’s real name?

  • Deadhorse

    That’s one more hotel I won’t be staying in.Not sure room safes are the best idea,they look good but are either/and not securely fitted and easily opened.
    I stay at hotel with big safe at reception and the very good staff remember me and room number.

  • bob

    I am waiting for the usual thai defenders to blame the Iranian tourist for staying in that hotel

  • Bob

    I am waiting for the thai defenders to blame the tourist for staying in a hotel

  • craig

    She cleaned the room a little too well.

  • Rob

    @Bob … you have one serious chip on your shoulder and you’re starting to sound like a stuck record on the “Thai defenders” thing. What happened, did you get shafted by a Thai and are still all bitter and twisted about it?

  • Bill the voice of reason

    The Iranians hate America, but they all carry U.S. dollars. Shouldn’t using American money be considered a crime in Iran. The bills do all say “In God We Trust”. Unfortunately there are a few hundred million U.S. dollars that were “misplaced” during our recent excursion into Iraq. He probably found a few of them to pay for his holiday.

  • Michael

    The Hotel should be made to pay because they’re responsible for staff employed!!

  • Jake

    Your wait is over Bob or is it bob?….I say good for Mam!!! What kind of dumb ass “gives the maid his key? If the management does not see fit to give her access to the rooms with a master key, I’m sure as hell not going to facilitate the theft that giving her unauthorized access to my room is certain to result in…..I say good for Mam!!! Hopefully she has moved on to a hotel that is exclusive to the citizens of the formerly largest communist nation.

  • Brian

    I doubt an Iranian really had $3500 USD. Probably just another Iranian lying to the Thais and trying to screw over the hotels.

  • Bob

    Well done Jake,for not only defending the theif but saying “good for Mam.

  • craig

    Ah, can’t let that one go. Iran is not and never has been communist, totalitarian yes but communist no. Communists are totalitarian but a totalitarian state is not necessarily communist. Although the brutality of both to its people is the same the political structure is different. Iran is Islamic Republic with all voting members electing the approved dictator in order to avoid being shot, hung and/or beheaded. Same same but different. Both work because of fear of the Government.

  • Jake

    @Craig….I never said Iran was communist. I simply wish the very best for our multi-talented cleaning lady and hope that she targets a hotel who’s only clientele are citizens from a country which the editor prefers I not name directly. I think they formerly used the initials U.S.S.R.

  • craig

    oops comrade, I think he may have been talking about our Ruskie freinds.

  • James

    I wonder if you guys would talk about the tourist in same way if his name was Steve and from Europe???

  • craig

    James, since Europe extends to Moscow the answer to your question is yes. I for one have had a long history criticizing the overbearing drunk British in Pattaya. That was until the last vacation when I could not but help notice the overwhelming Russian Bear invasion. Gone are good old days when I could watch and criticize the Brit’s making total t*ts out of themselves.
    I will give the Ruskie’s credit for having the best looking women on the face of the earth but there is nothing friendly amongst the lot of those cabbage eating bit*hes. Russian guys have told me that their girls like no one including them. I understand vodka is a necessity in their mating ritual.
    See James, we are fair and balanced haters.

  • Jake

    Absolutely not James..unless he was an Albanian and/or looked like he smelled really bad or wore a wig or any other defect that we might exploit for our own amusement :-)

  • Gwats

    I tend to stay in Hotels that have earned my respect and trust in Pattaya, like the outfit that owns the Residence Garden and the Jomtien Boathouse, I also love the Dynasty Inn Hotel group. Stayed with them many times, no worries, no hassles. They are everything a good hotel group should be. You need to to have trust or you will not grow. How the hell can you hire someone you don’t know, put them near your core asset, YOUR CUSTOMERS, and act shocked when they get robbed? Why don’t you just get the hell out of the hotel business now? You have NO clue of how to run a freaking hotel!
    Damn! They CAN grow them that stupid in Thailand.

  • craig

    Gwats, a Thai GF can also solve a light fingered housekeeping problem. When the maid comes in to clean and sees the GF’s water buffalo relaxing between his doctor and massage appointments it sends a message that there is nothing left to steal.

  • bob

    @Rob, get a life and read my comments, they are for the thai defenders (Farangs) not the thais.

  • SangSomNamPla

    Always use those cheap inroom safe models when you are in the room. Never leave any cash in it when go outside. Passport, Traveller Queques , Flight Tickets maximum.
    (Send scans of them to your own email adress just in case even they get stolen , saves nerves and time)

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