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  • pattaya resort

    Why do they always wind up in Pattaya?

  • Bob

    Interesting to note his passport was issued/renewed on March 31, 2011.

  • pete

    Just goes to show how easy it is for a pedo or other convicted criminal to get into this country. The US embassy here must have issued his passport so they would be as much to blame as Thai immigration.

  • Rob

    Well at least he won’t be able to buy his way out of his 36 year prison sentence in the US! Good riddance!

  • gwats

    Yesterday, I had to go through a FBI and CBI background check, AND be fingerprinted just to keep my security clearance to keep driving my Public Bus into the Airport here in Denver, USA. Why aren’t we vetting passport holders that close? Go figure.

  • BobBitchin

    How does a school teacher come up with $500,000?

  • soi dog

    I am confused as to which one is the accused,i suggest that in future any
    alleged miscreant should be pointed at as to simplify things,thankyou.

  • rushhr

    well the big arms of the law caught him

  • shaygate

    They probably found him

  • shaygate

    They probably traced him when he renewed his passport

  • Pistonpilot

    It was likely his renewal that started the process. He probably thought he was home free with a 10 year password expiring in 2021. He wasn’t convicted when he left the USA so why would they stop him from leaving?

  • bob


  • Larry Smith

    Because it seems that all of Thailands creeps live there.

  • Jake

    “””How does a school teacher come up with $500,000?”””

    He only has to come up with 10% of that amount. Facing 36yrs, he puts up the title to his small suburban Chicago home,or takes out a home equity loan for the $50K bail bond. Immediately buys an open ticket to Thailand. Upon arrival he cashes the remaining credit on the ticket and pockets the cash less fees.
    He has savings due to having never had a wife or a social life outside of preying on pre-pubescent boys in the schools that he was employed at. He shames/blackmails/threatens,(whatever you want to call it) them into silence…cheaper than a wife or paying hookers.

  • Jake

    “””Because it seems that all of Thailands creeps live there.”””

    Don’t kid yourself Larry. There are “creeps” all over Thailand, not just Pattaya. There are also far more native pedophiles in the country than farang pedophiles.

  • joseph

    Jake, pre-pubescent boys?
    Quote: “children under the age of 12″

  • Rob

    soi dog …. put your glasses on, no more confusion!

  • gwats

    Keep him. feed him to the other dogs locked up there. Feed anything else left to the wild dogs.
    America dosen’t need the headache.

  • craig

    shaygate, that was my guess as well. They are not exactly quick are they?

  • Jake

    Joseph,…The age at which puberty begins varies between individuals; usually, puberty begins between 10 and 13 years of age

  • Joe Mama

    Typical old pervert. Probably was lying to himself saying he was helping those kids, and women who he terrorized. I’m not surprised he ended up in Thailand. There are a ton here already who lie to themselves thinking their whore money helps people. It really all starts with the old pervert. Whores come first, then drugs and then all the other criminals. It is the same the world over.

  • Colin

    @ Joe Mama. You certainly can read bewtween the lines WTF, what terrorized women, where does whore money come into the story, where are drugs mentioned and what about all the other criminals. What the hell are you on?
    I am glad he got caught for what he was charged for and he certainly should not be teaching young children.

  • craig

    Joe Mama, so are you are saying because of the whores Pattaya can now expect to see drugs and criminals?
    But where I live there is plenty of drugs and criminals but the place lacks the whores.
    Are you really sure about your epiphany?
    You don’t read like a guy that has actually been to Pattaya.

  • LeeH

    joe,drugs come first thats were the money is!

  • Joe Mama

    I have been in Pattaya so long I’m practically Thai. I am also sick of seeing all the perverts come to town, and I have had it with all these Russians here not paying their bills. They can leave their women though. I also know Pattaya well enough to know that if you are bringing your wife and kids here, you need to be shot. And if you can’t see the crime in this town, you need to open your god damn eyes and put down the beer and the Ladyboy. How about your read this website to find the drugs and criminals or walk down Beach Road. I always love the 200 Kilo pervert walking with the 40 kilo hooker. Classic Pattaya.

  • Joe Mama

    You are probably an American so you need to look on the for your area or craigslist, as in America, they keep the trash off the street.

  • craig

    Joe Mama, please enlighten us what brought your cultured self to Pattaya if it was not for the hookers you despise. I know the beach is lovely but I see no value add to Pattaya other than being the # 1 hooker place in the world. Umm, you seem to have hatred towards women and perverts and you did give an odd reference to ladyboys on the lap….
    Although Pattaya does have perverts like men trolling for ladyboys by definition most men in Pattaya are not perverts. It would be far more accurate to label 90% of the non-homosexual Pattaya visiting males somewhere between being naughty to being dirty men. In the remaining 10% some are perverts and some are confused when they brought their family to a Thai beach resort.
    A 200 kg man with a 40 kg girl does not necessarily make him a pervert. It is far more likely he is just a fat man that likes petite girls. I don’t see anything perverted about a man paying for company that he is very unlikely to get without paying for it. The sight of the 2 together may look odd but it harms no one. Who the hell knows maybe the 40 kg girl likes 200 kg men (unlikely but possible). What is very likely is because of her kindness he treats her like gold and she appreciates his attention and being treated like a lady and something other than a warm watermelon.

  • craig

    Joe Mama, back in the day I knew this very funny and fun to drink with “farang” (gringo) in Costa Rica (mini whoring Thailand) that I will call Mark. One time when I was down there he came back on vacation to the “New York Bar” and after we exchanged normal welcome pleasantries he told me that he had talked to his wife about his cancer and decided to come back to Costa Rica to party and die.
    The odd thing about white Mark was he not only loved his black girls but he loved to wrestle his “Black Nubians” (as he called them). Yes you read that right. Mark would fill up his room with top slelf room service and his stable that consisted of black girls from young to old and from pretty to homely and he would feed and wrestle them.
    I don’t care who you are that’s funny stuff.
    The thing with Mark’s stable is they really liked him. He treated each one the same and with respect, feed them when no one else would give them the time of day and the girls thought it was funny as hell to eat top shelf and gang up on and wrestle their white man.
    Beyond being a very funny man was Mark a pervert?
    I will tell you what; I would not want to be the man that was within ear shot of those Nubians if Mark was insulted, much less called a pervert.
    Everyone is different in what they like.

  • craig

    Joe Mama, “you need to look on the for your area or craigslist, as in America, they keep the trash off the street”
    Thanks for the advice but I am reasonably convinced my method is sound.
    I am not American. I think I am Canadian so I will give you no tips for your pimp *ss suggestions ……….

  • Matt

    jo mama

    lots of young good looking guys hanging around Patatta and BKK too, with Thai women

  • AM

    Let me fill ya in.. since you guys are so good at speculating… There was so much corruption surrounding this case in a little town of less than 6000 people that in order to stop him from dropping names.. those people put up the money for bond AND ushered him out of here. He’s been there in Thailand for 19 years, AND we have all known he was there. The feds got their hands on him and theres a lot of people back here crapping their pants that he is on his way back. And yes, he had a wife and a child.

  • Jake

    Catron was arrested in June 1991 at his home in Hoopeston after a Ludlow boy’s father and stepmother filed a complaint with the Hoopeston police department, who then went to Catron’s home and found the boy there. The charges accused Catron of sexually abusing the boy during six months in 1991.

    Before his arrest in Vermilion County, Catron was the focus of an investigation in Champaign County, which eventually led to his firing as superintendent in Ludlow in March 1991, a few months before his arrest in Vermilion County.

    Eventually charges were filed against Catron in Champaign as well, where he was arraigned in July 1991 on charges that he molested two Ludlow boys: the same 13-year-old who was the victim in the Vermilion case, and a 6-year-old boy, too. He was later acquitted in Champaign County on the charges involving the 6-year-old.

    About five months after his arrest, Catron was free on bond on charges in both counties when he failed to appear for his trial on the sex abuse charges in Vermilion County. A warrant was immediately issued for his arrest. He also failed to appear for a later court date in Champaign County.

    Authorities searched for him for months with no luck until July 1992, when Catron turned himself in to Vermilion County authorities.

    At that time, the Champaign County State’s Attorney and Catron’s defense attorney had a plea agreement that would have kept Catron in jail, but Judge John DeLaMar refused to go along with the plea bargain, because he was afraid that agreeing to a guilty plea on lesser charges in Champaign County would prevent Catron from being tried on more serious charges in Vermilion County. The rejection allowed Catron to post bond again, which he did on Aug. 19, 1992 — posting $20,000 cash on all pending charges in both counties.

    And one month later, in September 1992, he again failed to appear for a court date in Champaign County and was never officially seen again until his arrest this week.

  • craig

    AM, “19 years, AND we have all known he was there”

    Wild! Not exactly swift justice. I wonder what set the ball in motion as to picking him up.

  • AM

    Not sure. This would have been the first time since 9/11 that his passport was renewed, so tighter security? It was the Feds, not anyone local.
    That’s why no one can find anything on the case – because it started in 1991, before internet.

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