• gwats

    They weren’t too upset because they know they’ll be back on the streets shortly, because the BIB won’t prosecute and deport them.

  • Jake

    What a perfect way to top off a holiday in Pattaya…picking up and std from a fat 42yr old Ugandan hooker…mind boggling that she could find a willing punter….???

  • Mike

    I’ve been to Pattaya for the last time.

  • steven

    I always thought Pattaya was a family friendly place? There are no prostitutes in Pattaya, is there?

  • Mike

    What a waste of manpower and time. I’m sure there is much worse crime to pursue.

  • frankie thunder

    i only see one halfway cute lady in photo,, (just my luck its only the lighting in the photo) -however i say not for me…did they bring HIV along with them to thailand..lord knows theres enough of it going around thailand as it is anyway…

  • GAZ

    ample girth – brilliant!!

  • totoleheros

    Some countries should not be allowed any kind of visa to thailand.

  • Jake

    If you are trying to make a living in LOS and you are not a thai, you gotta pay for the privilege…some have to pay more than others, some less. There is no standard fee list it is usually determined on the spot….Ugandan hookers of “ample girth” are no exception.

  • gwats

    There are beasts like this wandering around the streets of every major US city. I sure as hell don’t to be looking at this in Thailand!

  • tim

    Why would a farang tourist come too thailand for that? Geeze!Yuck! Can’t you find something that terrible back home? Amazing!

  • dirk diggler

    way to go pattaya law enforcement !

    keep it up

  • Massaman

    @frankie Thunder I always think the same, when I see Thai Girls with Black Man or Indian, there are so many now here in Thailand, before they did not have the Cash to come, but it seems they have now and it s no wonder that HIV is on the rise here in this Country.
    Guess loads of Girls are that stupid to f… without protection etc.

  • Peter w

    oh wow i find it difficult to believe but then again there are a lot of drunk guys roaming around he he he and after copious stubbies of heiniken all thoughts of decency go from ones mind— Jez i dont think i could get that drunk ha ha ha ha

  • Peter w

    no wonder aids is spreading around bkk with trash like this spreading it oh the mind boggles.

  • phuket madness

    Africa the AIDS capital of the world. Welcome to Pattaya. Stay safe everybody who uses these tricks.

  • gwats

    Thai police are very good at rounding up illegal Cambodian workers from construction sites around Pattaya, rounding up Cambodian beggars and deporting them. The Ugandans stand out like a sore thumb. They are here to make money, money that should go into the pockets of the local Thai families. Why not round up everyone of them you can find and deport them? Every Thai girl who feels forced to dress up nice, and work the Bars will thank you for doing your job.
    Any truly Great Nation takes care of it’s own FIRST. I still believe Thailand can be a Great Nation, if it wants to. Deport them to Mumbai!

  • Rob

    gwats & tim … it’s the same as the russian tarts and ago go bars, why, when there’s more than enough small sexy Thai girls to go round?

  • alex

    It was much better control of those when Mr Taksin was in charge !

  • Rob

    alex …. lets not even go there! Thats a man with only one agenda …. make himself rich and powerful by any means possible!

  • chromodynamix

    I find it a good opportunity to brush up my swahili.

  • Mike

    @Massaman “@frankie Thunder I always think the same, when I see Thai Girls with Black Man or Indian” Are you talking about Black Americans or “Black Man’ in general????

  • Steffen

    chromodynamix => :O)))

  • Jake

    @Mike…..I think he means “Black-Irish”..you know, like Obama…..LMFAO!!!!

  • gwats

    I’m in Thailand to enjoy the Thai Locals…. not sit in some clinic wondering if some Russian or Ugandan
    tart blessed me with dose of something penicillin won’t kill. Again, I’ll PASS on this weirdness.

  • Mike

    @ Jake… LMFAO “Black-Irish”

  • chris mccauley

    What a small minded idiot you are Massaman .So what makes you such an expert on why black people have not been coming to pattaya before ? I live in pattaya,and i wish i would bump in to you one day so i could give you a lesson in manners,anytime your ready let me no,and we can meet.

  • Chris

    Chris McCauley,

    Why do anyone have to be an expert on black people to know that the HIV is of epidemic proportions in parts of Africa, or that black people visited Pattaya in lower numbers just a couple of years back, it is very obvious to most citizens living here.

    I believe that you are upset because someone (Probably white ) wrote something about blacks, and that is something that you cannot tolerate, but the opposite works probably fine with you.

  • johnnyred68

    Chris, aid’s and HIV in pattaya that’s news to me pattaya has prostitutes what’s going on this is news
    too me,Ugandan prostitutes taking money from poor Thai girls what’s going on. I’ve fought pattaya
    was a city built on prostitution what else is in sin city. European men looking for Love come on give them
    a chance to get some of your money Chris don’t be a hater you sad man you’re only in
    pattaya looking a wife you very sad man, could not get a European woman they not interested in chimpanzee
    like you you very very sad man. All of you jokers just make sure you have enough money to keep you thai wife
    and her family in food…

  • Jake

    @Chris McCauley…..have your name printed on the back of your shirt and reserve a table at the P&W Pub next to a guy named Dave….you’ll fit right in.

  • Black Stud

    @ Massaman you must have been blind. I am a black businessman who been enjoying Pattaya for over 20 years. Black men have been coming here since the Vietnam war. I guess you are never in town when the USA military visits.
    I love your money comment. The funny thing about it, the Ugandans women think we do not have money. Their customer base are white Europeans and they will not go with black men, speaking from experience of course. So if you want to protect Pattaya’s virgin white image, it’s simple economics; stop the demand and there will be no supply.

  • Jack Fresh

    Just to correct your facts. Uganda has a relatively low HIV rate. It’s considered a success story in control.
    So if you are going to bang an African, make it a Ugandan.

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