• Mr Ian

    I used to like going to Nong Nooch Garden until they charge more for Foreigners to go in there meaning I have to pay more than a Thai person which I think is out of order so they can stick their gold medal where the sun don’t shine

  • Deadhorse

    Well done Nong Nooch Gardens.
    The displays and gardens at BKK airport give Heathrow a good kicking which have ceiling tiles hanging down etc.

  • frankie thunder

    MR.IAN,, i also don’t like it when farangs pay more then thais… MR.IAN theres many places around pattaya that use that rule–it sucks… having said that- i for one say GOOD FOR YOU THAILAND-along with your many faults i am happy for you that you won the show,and the eyes of the world are on you for 5 minutes..now you must work on defending your champianship..

  • Curios

    I have searched the official website of the Chelsea Flower Show, where ALL awards are listed. There is no mention of Nong Nooch winning anything.

    Did someone just make this up?????

  • f. O Brien

    Well done N/Nooch two year’s in a row some feat. By the way if you have a Thai Car M/C licence you get in for the same price as the locals.

  • Martin
  • Rob

    Well lets face it, the average Thai earns a lot less than the average farang so the tiered pricing allows the poorer Thais to afford to visit the local attractions. If you’re not happy with it then go back home and see what it costs to get into a garden similar to Nong Nooch and I can guarantee it will be way more expansive!

  • Rob

    ……. or even expensive!!

  • gwats

    I took two local lovelies with me to Nong Nooch Gardens for a visit in 2008. The place is truly a treasure, and I’ll visit it again, no matter what they charge! It is truly a Thai Gem. I also love the grand Palace in Bangkok. Sometimes, flowers DO Bloom in the Desert. :)

  • sniper


    Cannot see any award listed here!

    perhaps if you had written the catagory the gold was awarded for.

  • sniper

    Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden
    site number GPF/17
    exhibiting – Combining Thai culture & flowers

    Guess you will win gold if you are exhibiting in a category of one.

    well done all the same

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