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  • Rob

    No smoke without fire, kick the pedofile out!

  • William

    As I understand this article the British man had 4 convictions already on these grounds in other countries. In that case well done to get him out of Thailand. Some expats might feel a bit uneasy now if Thailand starts checking on their backgrounds.

  • Jake

    Immigration have special powers to revoke a visa if they consider the subject to be a danger to Thai Society or is likely to commit a crime in Thailand.

    WOW!!!….lets hope they use this judiciously against true pedophiles and crooks and not just a tool used against the law abiding who happen to find themselves at odds with those of power and wealth….some serious potential for abuse with this one.

  • Ian

    This is great news that these pedos are getting kicked out its only a shame that they don’t do this in the uk one easy solution is to give them all the Sadam treatment and the world would be a much safer place for everyone.

  • craig

    The resolution of the 4 cases was not mentioned. Perhaps it does not need to be. Anyone having 4 similar cases does show a “trend” developing. I doubt they do background checks on anyone. It is more likely he just put down a hefty nonrefundable deposit towards the purchase of a condo that is currently owned by a savvy official. Well played!

  • craig

    Ian, Keep in mind the Sadam treatment was applied for political reasons in a vain attempt to distract observers who were waiting patiently to see his vast collection of WMD’s that were to be used to destroy us all. We are still waiting.
    Laws should not be applied for convenience, silencing or someone’s profit but that tends to be what happens when a witch hunt is the preference over justice. Witch hunts are nothing more than power grabs that do not run out of real or imagined villains. As you rush towards judgment perhaps you can think of a better example to convey the same meaning. I am not necessarily disagreeing with you; just pointing out the example is a little side-ways.

  • Paul

    Craig: That would be even better, loses his money and gets deported. good to see justice starting to be done.

  • Peter

    This guy was kicked out from Argave for the same reason…google his name for more info.

  • ajj

    craig, this guy appeared in a court in sydney last year for crimes against a minor – not much of a witch hunt here. well done thai police

  • bolle

    good, give him 1 ticket to hell

  • siam MASSIVE

    i think with 100% evidance they should bring in the death penalty in these 3rd world countrys,for tourists who seek so called safe countries to manipulate people with cash bribes to have sex with children,,rather than kick them back to the country they come from,,so they can carry on there wicked ways back home.

  • craig

    ajj, roger that. My comment was towards the Sadam example and abuse of power. My blending of the 2 Sadam and with hunts may have been a bit off.
    I am not disagreeing they caught a bad guy here or of a “hang um high” policy. It is the Sadam example……

    It does not say how long, or if he was living, in Thailand before the red flag came up and why that flag came up. Do you think the Thais are actively looking into millions of visitors? I doubt it.

    Like I said 4 times does show a trend but it does say he is not wanted on any of the 4 charges. You said he appeared in court in Sidney. What was the outcome of that? He obviously was not convicted or he would be in jail.
    It is odd to be charged with anything 4 times and not convicted.

  • winkywoo

    lets see how many russain mafia they kick out over the coming year…

  • craig

    Peter, Following your advice I did google him and saw very few hits. What I do see is all Thai news sites tend to plagiarize off each other almost verbatim. I did get one hit for an extradition from Portugal to Sidney but not too many details and no outcome.

  • bob

    Foreigners in Thailand are only guests of the Kingdom. That hospitality is given at the whim and convenience of the Thai government and, I feel, given too freely. The rights of citizenship are reserved for its citizens. Deportation is not used nearly enough.

  • steven

    In 1788 the British Governmwent used to send these kind people like Mr Robinson to Australia(New Holand), now the British Government just sends them to Thailand.

  • craig

    Bob, What? Are you Thai? “convenience of the Thai government and, I feel, given too freely” Ah, bob it is called tourism and it is the # 1 product in the world. I am not sure if the Thai government and the “official Thai people” would necessarily be as strict as you.

  • Jake

    No argument as to the hideous nature of pedophiles…but be careful what you wish for as this “new law” provides no specifics on what is considered ” a danger to thai society” or who and/or how it is decided that one is “likely to commit a crime in Thailand”.

  • sim samuel

    There is no pity for this man for offence against minors, this man is an animal with cruel intention.


  • graeme

    Why don’t the authorities do more to deport the RUSSIAN MAFFIA who are doing a lot of damage to the reputation of Pattaya.

  • Jack

    No offence to good farangs here…but its always the Europeans and Americans in pedophile charges 99.99% of the time.

    I have never seen an Arab, Indian, Chinese, Thai involving in such a despicable act..its always the guys from Europe and America..its time that these so called high moral, high developed country start questioning their moral attitude in society…

    Again…no offence to good guys from EU and America..just an outside observation…

  • Dubidu

    Best they can do ;) Keep the scum out of the country.

    @graeme the so called “Russian Mafia” is a long time in pattaya, they were even there before YOU knowed what pattaya is ! And if you want to know why there are so much russians, then take a look on a world map and you will see that Thailand is the NEAREST Holiday destination from Russia ;)
    They don´t have to fly 12000 miles like most europeans.

    You just feel tough because no one can see you in internet. I´m a russian, I´m every 2 weeks in Pattaya, Let´s meet in Pattaya and we can talk once Man to Man about russians in Pattaya. I can also introduce some of the so called “russian mafia” guys to you. I´ll bet you have no balls to tell them the same you do on internet…..

  • Francis

    Thailand ain’t no soft touch now!!!!!!!!

  • Jake

    Well, there it is. A russian showing us all what a thug is….and he wonders why everyone else considers the presence of these criminals in Thailand a negative.

  • Jake

    its always the Europeans and Americans in pedophile charges 99.99% of the time.
    I have never seen an Arab, Indian, Chinese, Thai

    Consider this….better than 80% of it goes unreported, and of that, that does get reported only a fraction ever makes it to the pages of the paper/website.
    You are correct in that it is predominately farang peds that make the news with an occasional OFP (other foreign ped) and Thai thrown in. But I can assure you that there is a lot of pedophilia homogeneous to SE Asia and Asia proper.

  • siam MASSIVE

    jake yes i have seen many europeans on this site but i have seen other nationalties on here too,,i agree not so often!!! i think the likes ov india,,and china would have the meens to do it at home were poverty is high they dont have to travel,,and i have seen thai,s on this site…

  • siam MASSIVE

    what country are you from jake?? and the russian man dubidu good for speeking out for russians,its not good to hear bad for your nation,,there are bad from many nations in pattya,,but they should kick the russian mafia out ov thailand and any other orginized criminal group,,i respect the russian tourist especially the families that come to thailand they spend much needed money and are entitled to travel were they please..people see a bad side ov russians because they dont mix,,but i think thats ok as the avarage russian doesnt speek english,, i think russian women are beautyfull but the problem is you all need some lessons in mannors especialy the men,including you,,because most ov the thai people i meet even think that..and i would say that to you or your friends in high places,,because without weapons they are just like me

  • Handsome Man

    The reason that the vast majority of pedophile stories relate to westerners is that the western governments offer financial incentives for poorer countries like Thailand and Cambodia to pursue these cases. Asia is covered in brothels full of underage girls and that’s just a way of life in places like India, Cambodia, Bangladesh etc.

  • craig

    Handsome Man,
    Bingo, ya hit that puppy on the noggin.
    Mostly it is the U.S. State Department over the past 10 or 12 years and their backing for elected officials in those reelection efforts and their hero’s crime fighting capability based entirely on drama. Oh, they will spend big money to do this because it is far cheaper than purchasing commercials to get their buddies in office.
    It is a simple red herring for the media and nitwits to follow.
    It is kind of the way pick-pockets work, distract the mark and then get his wallet.
    No I do not mean the criminals wallet. I mean the sheep that are distracted.
    People tend to think in a normal one dimensional way. Do you think politicians and their teams of lawyers, advisors and contacts do the same?
    Do I think they are catching bad guys? Yes but we are letting the fox slip into the chicken coop.
    Do I think they care anything about the crime itself? No

  • Handsome Man

    Dubidu, the Russian mafia has not been in Pattaya as long as you say – I don’t know how old you are, but people from Russia could not travel to any non-communist country until about 20 years ago. The only place in SE Asia that you would have found a Russian during the 70’s and 80’s was Vietnam or North Korea. And Thailand is definitely not the closest holiday destination to Russia – there are dozens in Europe, but Russians can not go there because they can only afford Asian prices.

    As for your threats to meet “man-to-man” with Graeme, stop making a fool of yourself and go join a chat forum which is full of cyber-warriors like you making threats to each other from the other side of the world.

  • graeme

    Well said about the russian thugs, that is exactly what they are.

  • craig

    This is a good example of comments on a news event getting skewed in about 10 directions. A wild ride for sure.

  • Lou

    Jake said it right. Without a doubt this will be used as a tool to rid Farangs of their possessions in Thailand.

  • graeme

    Handsome man.
    Thankyou for backing me up on the Russian Maffia issue, i noticed he has not responded to your last remark, hopefully he has gonne back to Russia.
    Cheers Mate.

  • jimmy

    I saw an irish guy giving two so called russian mafia thug’s a run for their money.
    The fight was stopped to protect the russisn’s, and the content’s of the bar

  • JohnP


    The Murphya-v-The Mafia (LOL)

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