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  • steffen

    A frenchman with the name Salim Azzug ?
    I bet he is only a frenchman by his passport.

    And yes, young people drinking isn’t funny for anyone else.

  • Jack

    BEWARE..Young Europeans who come to pattaya have this issue of not been able to control themselves and taking their frustration on other tourist.

    I had some scuffle with young guys from europe, who were in groups and causing mayhem all around…they think its like back home and no one will fight back and its ok to do what they do…

    Minding ones own business does not work with them like the british tourist and his gf did in the elevator…they CREATE trouble and when you try to move away..they follow you…

    If you see young europeans in Pattaya and sense any trouble…RUN

  • Rob

    Jack …. thats right, tar them all with the same brush! Trouble makers come from everywhere, not just Europe as do regular well behaved young people!

  • Relic

    19 years old? Kick is young brainless self out of the country until he is 30.

  • craig

    I thought the drinking age is 21 in Pattaya (or 19 if you have money).

    Your pictures on the site are broken…..

  • PhuketExpat

    Give, this crazy fool some jail time to really sober of ( a few weeks at least, then escort him to the airport let him pay his fine for overstay and blacklist him please. Safety is everones concern and this fool is dangerous for everone. No mercy.

  • teo

    Mr azzug needs locked up for his safety, arguing with Thai men? he was lucky to make it back to his hotel,the Englishmen should press charges,

  • Handsome Man

    This person is not European, he is Asiatic. And he obviously ‘lost-face’ with the Thais, so tried to regain it by picking on someone who was more interested in going to bed with a chick.

  • LookMoo

    Poor French people. Always when some French nationals make head line it is always “Abdul”, “Mohamed”, “Mohammad” or something similar. All Muslim is not terrorists, but all terrorist is Muslims.

    Are there any French people left in that country??

  • Jake

    “he is Asiatic.”

    Asiatic is pretty broad discription…maybe more specifically Afro-Asiatic. Surname Azzug is Moroccan or Libyan I believe. Salim is of Arabic origin. Therefore….semi- to full-blown rag for those not encumbered by the burden of political correctness.

  • Gwats

    This little frenchie summoned up all the courage they lacked in all the Wars his Country ever fought and attacked someone who eyeballed him in an elevator? doesn’t he know the French National mantra?

  • Gwats

    I thought Frenchmen could embarrass themselves
    Without granting Citizenship to little human stains like this little slug. Maybe they need to think a little harder before they take in stray cats.

  • When the drugs dont work they just make you worse

    Maybe they should drug test him as well, arguing with Thai men, maybe he likes the look of his own blood or illusinating.

  • Step Daddy

    I agree with teo. He doesn’t know just how lucky was. An arguement on the beach with thai men in pattaya can easily get you killed.

  • jean-paul patrick

    Hope the Thai police will set a bail bond of a few hundred thousands, then he will enjoy the local hospitality in jail.

  • Jake

    I love the picture of the thai bird…looks like someone just goosed her in the arse.

  • Steve

    A rude arrogant Frenchman? Why I never……

  • Handsome Man

    “doesn’t he know the French National mantra? WE SURRENDER!!!”

    Makes me laugh when people label the French cowards, especially when that person happens to be a Yank. If it wasn’t for the French, the Yanks would still be a British colony, as French involvement on the side of the Americans proved decisive in the War of Independence. Guess they don’t teach that in American schools.

  • Musongman

    I love it when I get to comment, when all the smearing and racial epithets have been used…LOL!!

  • funwithyanks

    “doesn’t he know the French National mantra? WE SURRENDER!!!”
    Wich war did the yanks win the last years and by winning i mean really winning. Starting from Korea until now ….

  • SammySleaze

    He was lucky the Thais did not cut him up or shoot him earlier. Hope they deal with him in the usual pleasant Thai judicial system way. People like this should not be allowed back to the Los

  • Brendan

    The accused is lucky he wasn’t back in his North African banlieue in France. I believe they throw rocks at you for being a drunk. On the other hand their may be a pass allowed if the victims are infidels.

  • charlie davis

    funny old french name that is.. salim..

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