• riki

    no comments about drug users or drug abuse
    heheh,its their life,up to them,thanks for the thai undercover police
    the verdict is yours
    send the brit back home ,but charge the money heavily

  • pattaya tourist maria

    l would just like to say lm sorry to any persons reading this for anything l may have said in reply to any of the storys printed in this paper l dont think l realised that what l wrote could have hurt any one so in future l wont reply to any future news that l read on her and once again lam very very sorry l never did it to cause any upset to anyone l hope you can forgive me once again sory

  • Teddy

    Hey Maria,
    Don’t fret, that’s what these columns are for, take a look at that riki creature, “verdict is yours he he he etc”, complete ******.If you have something to say, say it!!

  • sunil

    Its ok Maria, we all are grown ups here. We understand.

    I think this is unfair, why catch the foot soldier and the messenger. Why not shut down the factories that make these drugs or better why not investigate the hand of CIA in drugs selling in Thailand.

    Yes, guys wherever CIA has a base Columbia, Afghanisthan, pakistan and now in east asia, drugs problems arise…lot of investigation has already been done in alternative media research…just google search it.

    Its high time, that innocent victim are left alone and big boss are caught.

  • tony konig

    dont they understand thai law he going to bangkok hilton i work in singapore do drugs going to hang dont they learn

  • pattaya tourist maria

    l think that the thai courts should be leient when they pass a prison sentence on this british guy and give him no more than 40 years lol by the time he gets out he will be 88 then he can reflect on what he did and what he has cos you never know whaqt you had till you loose it

  • Pattaya Boy

    Maria get a grip u are acting like a bloody emo jog on who cares what people write its a laugh mate ……….

  • damien

    to think I used to carry around 2-3 ounces of ganja all around the country 15 years ago in my backpack…mmm not any more!!!

  • lanzo

    David Salomon, surely a traditional British name indeed, mmmm… this must be an antisemitic conspiracy… I don’t think he’ll do much time inside, wait until he wips out his Israeli passport !
    Wanna bet ?

  • Dave

    He took the chance to make money from drugs now he knows the price he will pay, prision, fine, deported, blacklisted, lucky he was not caught in Singapore or Malaysia would be dangling on a rope instead.

  • paul hunter

    one word MUG

  • Casey Jones

    Here comes the Monkey House. He’ll be in good company with the other lowlifes.

  • frankie thunder

    poor basterds,,as they say,,if you do the crime–stand by to do the time…good ridends you bloody brit…

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