• Bobo

    Again, what up with the Russianguess it just to darn COLD to take your cloth off outside in Russia so they goes NUTS when they come to sunny warm Thailand

  • Pattaya Boy

    fine them 50,000bt bet the parasites wont do that again …

  • eee

    who cares, let them f**k on the beach, I have no problem with it

  • Tom

    Teach them a lesson: put them 5 years in jail. Russians are the worst “tourists” in Thailand –


  • nevergoinghome

    Come on boys hardly murder being commited here. Have you never had cheeky encounter outside at some point of your life ?

  • samuel simpson

    Will the Thai police in Pattaya do something about those lawless Russians, they are coming to Pattaya in massive numbers. First the Russian hookers,they are all over in Pattaya then came the Russian mafias, the ATM fraud specialists, drug pushers and their ugly tourists, its about time Thai police put a stop to all these people coming to tarnish the image of Pattaya, get rid of them Russians coming to Pattaya, go to some European shatty cities!

  • http://pattayaone.com kwaneuy

    i would much rather see the africans deported.and take their HIV/AIDS back with them.

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