• Brian Robson

    No questions asked! That’s Pattaya.

  • Don1

    WOW, could have made a bet on that…This town doesn’t fail to amaze me. From a hungry chicken thief to stealing the limelight of international disasters. “TIT” sorry rephrase that “TIP”

    • JONPAT

      Well “TIT” could still stand for Terrorism in Thailand ?

  • Pete

    After all those years, Pattaya stays the favorite hide-out for international crime.

  • Bematta

    I dont get it… The passport have Mr Maladinis picture in the passport (on the picture above), if it’s a fake passport (as the media say), then the photo should have been replaced? And also, if the passports was stolen a year ago and was reported stolen, then the passports would have been worthless for use. As Im told, you can fake passports and use them as long as they are not reported stolen, i might be wrong…

    Anyway, i dont think this is an act of terrorism, if it was, we would see someone take responsibility for it, and They would also relese the identities of the terrorist already by now…

    People who treavel to Europe with fake passport are mostly looking for work and Residence permits.

    A very tragic and sad accident a would guess…

  • surang

    stolen passports stolen over a year ago, just now discovered amid a crisis
    if a passport is stolen its voided in minutes, seems like someone is not in the loop with communications in the passport system.

    • TAFF

      Correct me if I am wrong but I thought all stolen Passports were reported to Interpole, so why was this not picked up upon when they booked their flights. Strange me thinks money first Passports look o.k. here is your ticket bye,bye.

  • kim

    The plot thickins!

  • Short time bob

    Two Asian looking men trying to pass as whites may fool Malaysians passport control but no way they would have made it through The EU,this must of been a one way ticket.


    Hope the police track down the address of the IP that was used in the computer used. Hope the police checked any CCTV in the area of Central Plaza at the time the men went to pick up their tickets. Maybe get lucky and the IP addy is a WIFI in a hotel or condo and there are lots of info there, maybe even CCTV of these two friends. Somehow I think confiscating anything from this Travel Agency is more for ‘SHOW’ than anything substantive.

  • MrVain

    the passports were bought by an iranian, something is really fishy here

  • DonnyB

    There you go! Now Pattaya gets it’s true reputation acknowledged, and in lights around the World. The time is approaching when you will receive international condemnation, maybe this time you will be lucky!

  • gwats1957

    Why does it NOT surprise me, that 2 businesses in Pattaya are prominently featured in what could turn out to be one of the most interesting ‘mysteries’ of the decade to date?

  • gwats1957

    Pattaya is like a magnet, it seems to draw all sorts of things in…… I don’t know whether that is bad or good…

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