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  • billericay dickie

    police not taking any action, i would of shot and killed the mutt, then shot and wounded the owner if my young child had been bitten by his dog,

  • Festering Sore

    I don’t know what’s worse, Soi dogs or Soi Lady Boy Thieves and other assorted useless Punchai.

    • weasel

      all the same

    • Robert

      The puchais are worse, dogs don’t pile onto other dogs fights just to get a chance to bite a foreigner.

  • Robert

    Gaga need to be put down.

  • Don1

    shot on the spot,,, no questions asked…

  • Geordie

    It’ll be off to the temple for the mut!

  • Larry Finklestein

    I think there are many more dog attacks than get reported.

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