• rusty

    Why do so many people fall for the spiked drink routine after all the publicity?

  • BKK Guy

    som num na, man bites dog comes to mind.

  • Chromodynamix

    Well, this makes a change to the normal scenario!

  • Don1

    Now LB getting robbed LOL. If the boot,,,, I mean shoe fits,,,, wear it!

  • holm

    That’s a new turn to it ;-)

  • aussie jeff, the real one

    wow a cashed up ladyboy, must be some wealthy Indians in town

  • weasel

    IF true, the boots on the other foot when a ladyboy “gets robbed”. About time. Of course a ladyboy chasing the good, the bad and the ugly is most unlikely to wear fine gold and carry lots of cash. Something is the story does not ring true.

  • Wally

    I’ve know a nice Kiwi you should meet. You two will get along great.

  • Ladila

    Now this is a very rare occurence!

  • HT

    Well, what goes around comes around eh…

  • ithurtsalot

    What a refreshing change

  • The dead can not speak

    Don’t celebrate too early. It might be a man (for now) looking for means to have surgeries to become a ladyboy

  • Khun ba ba

    Thai guys did the old switch a rooney with the spiked drink when LB was not looking.

  • Khun ba ba

    This isn’t a crime this is karma!!

  • Love Thai

    How nice to turn the table on them and to feel the pain, good job Thai man!

  • gk

    Really? A woman came into their room and offered her a drink. Siiiiigh.

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