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  • Ladila

    Its not just the Political unrest thats putting Tourists off Pattaya…its everything else!

  • Fifteen years

    How can these people be so blind? Dear business operators, it’s not the political unrest!
    It’s, the rip offs, the safety, the corruption, killing traffic, extortion pricing, unfriendly people, bad hotels, dirty beaches and so on.
    When will you realise that the end of Pattaya is coming faster and faster. Looking away will not help because of Facebook, Twitter and the Internet. People now know quickly why not to visit Pattaya anymore.
    Reinvent yourself and look after the people who feed you and your family. Greed is always a bad advisor!

  • Oliver

    Maybe it’s more to do with Pattaya’s reputation as a place where you get robbed, knifed, ripped-off, raped, drugged and generally abused. Or maybe it’s the terrible traffic, taxi mafia, lack of effective policing, no proper emergency services, third-world professional standards, deadly boats, no lifeguards, jet-ski scams and general corruption at all levels? Or maybe that it’s now 3-4 quid for a small bottle of beer in gogo bars? 55555555555555!

  • DonnyB

    As described within PattayaOne, the political situation is far from resolved, in fact in the new year it is expected to escalate to a concerning level throughout the country. Some European countries actively warn tourists of the dangers of travelling to Thailand, with the US being even more forceful in stating not to travel. In particular relation to Pattaya, politics aside, CNN Travel consider Pattaya to be the 5th most dangerous tourist destination in the WORLD, based on crime statistics…The city tourism “industry” should rightly be concerned, but continuing not to respond as always, day will one day be your downfall…..

  • Observer

    For the business owners in Pattaya it might be bad if the tourist arrivals decline as a consequence of the unrest in Bangkok.
    But many Pattaya visitors welcome fewer tourists , because too much quantity affects the quality in many aspects.

    Unfortunately the media in Thailand seem to be unaware that quality is the better business in the long run.

  • No thank you

    I wonder why tourist from WESTERN countries still coming to Thailand. Why?

    Thai visa jokes – you have to leave the country every 2 months
    High crime rate in Pattaya
    Rip-off prices in Phuket
    Tens of thousands of low class, unruly, unfriendly Russian “tourists”
    Expensive (4000 Baht/night) hardcore bar girls in Bangkok
    Scams and rip-off mentality on every corner of the country
    500 New arrival fee from 2014 – are you joking?
    Expensive visa and visa extension (1900 Baht/month)

  • usa 1

    just cancelled my plans for a Pattaya holiday. Was there last time airport was shut down, not ever getting in that position again, take my $ elsewhere!

  • Robert

    The hotel prices on Agoda for Pattaya and Bangkok are incredibly low for this time of the year, I booked a 5 star Bangkok hotel (Swissotel) over New Years eve and weekend for $68 a night. Seems there have been more cancellations than the government admits. Looking at hotel prices on the big booking services is a more accurate measurement of the tourist situation than any lies from the Government.
    (ED: Please delete Swssotel if you don’t want to print that part, I included it for veracity).

  • Sibley1

    Thailand should be a black spot. Never understood why the tourist industry wasn’t effected. Glad to see Pattaya is getting it’s comeuppance. The girls and bar owners need a reality check. They are going to get one as well.

  • Larry Finklestein

    I imagine the numbers have dropped but there are still no shortage of male sex tourist that wanna get some of that young and firm sexy Thai lady.

    • aussie jeff, the real one

      and your point is sherlock

      • Ronny

        The point is Pattaya is a sex tourist paradise is what Larry means you know that aussie jeff the real one why would you come here ortherwise its a dump.

        • aussie jeff, the real one

          oooo yeah but its fun, l.b.f.m. now that’s gunna get a bite

          • Russel

            Its fun alright explains why your mate gwats comes here every year and leaves his wife in the states while he mongers up large.

        • Robert

          How about striking the word Pattaya and replacing it with Thailand.

    • Observer

      Shortage of male sex tourists? According to published statistics there are 8-9 M. tourists/year to Pattaya/ against 20-40 thousand . sex workers who live and work here.That translates roughly to a ratio of 20:1 in favour to men.Where is the “shortage
      of male sex tourists”?.
      And if you walk along Beach Rd. you might find out that your “young and firm sexy Thai lady” are already a rare species,close to extinct.

  • Technical Advisor

    If robberies, stabbings, drownings, mysterious suicides, traffic accidents, boat accidents, jet ski scams, thieving lady boys, filthy beaches, general corruption, dengue fever, drugging, don’t bother the tourists then I doubt many will be concerned with the political turmoil as long as the airport does not get screwed up.

  • mickey

    ive never seen a more packed city than pattaya! not with tourists but with bars, eateries, mini marts, motor bike taxis, motor bikes, guest houses hotels, how anybody makes a buck i dont know, its a shame to see the place go to the dogs. I only ever spend a few days there then im sick of it, sick of people trying to hawk something to me when im eating, sick of people trying to run me over as i walk down a soi, sick of over priced grubby hotels, and sick of greedy ex pat bar owners who want me to fund there western lifestyle in a third world country,

  • Robert

    I learned a lot from the Russians here; now I understand why the Germans in 1944 had a completely different regard for the Russian soldiers than they did for the Alllies.

  • kuayai

    I went to Jomtien beach this afternoon and considering we are only 2 weeks from Christmas it was extremely quiet. Every concession was only about a third full. I have not seen the motor bike park full for a couple of years. Heaven help them if the russians stop coming, the rouble has been on slide lately and hardly a week goes by when you dont hear of the death of russian tourists in some sort of accident. . I am not very optimistic for the future the negative drip drip feed in foreign media is bound to have an effect. The political situation is just the icing on the cake. I just feel sorry for vendors and the people who work on the concessions..

  • Pete

    The Russian tour groups are keeping Pattaya alive. Without them, it would be 11 months a year, ghost town.

  • Wally

    Remember Ko Nang Nuan 25 years ago? It was paradise with crystal clear water and beautiful coral everywhere. Thanks to greed and lack of any oversight it is ruined and now there’s no reason to go. This is what happened to Pattaya except the clean water and coral bit.

  • redogi13

    Pattaya’s reputation is well known , it is a festering hell hole , but its my kind off hell hole & i love it see you all soon

    • aussie jeff, the real one

      pattaya is fine redog, just keep your wits about you.

      • stuart

        Thats right need to be a bit street smart when you back for another good time aussie jeff.

        • aussie jeff, the real one

          back in april 2014, stay tuned for aussie jeff the real one ringing the bell

      • Madhog

        Pattaya is a dangerous dump…nothing in it but worn out you know whats in dire need of a rebore!

        • aussie jeff, the real one

          try bali, now that’s a dump

          • Sammy

            Only Kuta is a tourist ghetto go up to Ubud ,and you cannot compare Bali with this cesspit Pattaya.

  • kim

    Can Only be a Good Thing for the Sex Mongers!…;

  • soidog

    Even at Xmas i see dozens of bars and restaurants with forlorn bored staff. I wonder
    how many people would need to come to bang every business out? Even with its attendant chronic problems its still Pattaya for me, lots of fun to be had,lovely and hot.
    and no granny state tut tutting at you.

    • aussie jeff, the real one

      well said soidog

  • The dead can not speak

    But the beach and sea are so beautiful !! ^^
    And a perfect family destination as proved by the transistor story

    • kokonat

      Tell it to Indians and Russians tourists, a new “hope” for Thailand. :-)

  • Don1

    My new traps, Angeles, Subic & Boracay but still like to get grotty in Pattaya nonetheless!

  • weasel

    yes but who wants THEM were.even the girls hate them.othey are only loved by TAT.

  • Sooley

    Yes CNN travel do consider Pattaya the 5th most dangerous tourist destination and you can understand why now its only going to get worst before it gets better have been here 14 years in a row and about to pull the pin on this place the magic,s saddly gone.

  • DonnyB

    Pity this topic is overrun again with immature and uneducated comments by the same people. It can be readily seen that tourist numbers are already well below the Christmas time norm, and this can only be due to “politics”, although local crime does play it’s part. Another (stupid) intervention, is the announced indictment of the 2 main opposition leaders for murder…the timing is self-destructing!! Tourists should really avoid the end of Feb.

    • jomtien

      Yellows are by and large the business community so they brought it on themselves.

  • macca

    its becoming boring, cant fukin move on a bike without police jumpin all over me empting my pockets of baht…….stupid budda lovin cuntz.

  • gk

    I was in Thailand and In and out of Pattaya between September and December. I have been to Thailand many times. I was there during the Tsunami (on Ko Samet luckily and not our original changed itinerary to Phuket), during the Airport takeover, during the Bangkok Riots. The current situation piled on top of the high season prices made me decide to leave Dec 7. I am too worried about my safety, but the travel disruptions that past events have caused were my main issue

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