• John Guru

    And where will the authorities find the diligent, knowledgeable and non-corruptible people that should enforce the maritime regulations in Pattaya??? Not in Thailand!! If they found such people the corrupt authorities and Puyai would soon see them corrupted, moved or scared off!

    • trevor1976

      greed killed and injured these people.i was all set to go to pattaya next month for 2 months but now I ve cancelled.the thought of spending the one thing these people responsible are so hungary for would nt be right.i challenge others to follow my lead.this is the final straw for me now

  • Pete

    In a civilized country, after a disaster like this, those who in charge and responsible have to resign.
    Here a bucket with fruit , will do……

  • Blue Balls

    I think 300,000 Baht ($10,000) is inadequate compensation especially for a dead Farang that requires transport back to his home country. In the USA, $10,000 just barely covers the cost of the funeral and casket expenses not including a grave site or internment. It definately does not cover mortuary expenses in Thailand or the flight expense back home.
    Also I found the article a bit amusing when Pattaya officials stated that the ferries received less attention since more was being put on the jet ski operators. To a certain extent no attention to jet skis vs the ferries is about right. What a crock of shhet!
    Thailand is so corrupt and beyond repair that no one should trust any means of public transportation or tourist related rides or excursions. The country is loaded with petty thieves and con artists of both Thai and Farang origin. The police and judicial system are corrupt and only look out for themselves. There is a dual standard of justice for Farang vs Thai. There is no such thing as maintentance, proper electrical wiring, and building standards as well as fire protection are non-existent. The only redeaming quality is cheap sex provided you don’t get drugged and robbed after the orgasm.
    Thailand is just an accident no longer waiting to happen!

  • Bran Ristic

    Went to Koh Larn in August this year either on same or similar boat (maybe No 3) cost 50 baht, didn’t feel unsafe or unkempt to a point of concern, so maybe human error was a contributing factor as reports of hole in sunken boat throw another perspective … My condolences to family and relatives of people who perished and are injured… Going back in December and would have no hesitation making the same trip to Larn again (very beautiful relaxing place) my wife and mother however say no way

  • Thomas Thomson

    So the authorities are absolved of all guilt as the captain was off his head at the time. Business as usual. The captain will disappear whilst out on bail. My sympathy to all of the people hurt and to the families of the dead and injured.

  • Ryan

    The 300,000 baht per deceased passenger is subject to the deceased’s estate signing a release. It is the maximum payable under the policy per incident. It is also a pittance. Nothing precludes the injured parties from taking action against the ferry owners. Well, nothing except a judicial system that many foreigners consider is based against foreign plaintiffs.

  • gwats1957

    AIG is only paying less that $10,000USD for the dead, and $3000 for the injured? That’s a serious outrage! I’d suggest a lawsuit.

    • aussie jeff, the real one

      if you were to proceed with a lawsuit as a victim of the boat sinking gwats would you engage a thai lawyer, mmm I wonder

      • gwats1957

        Or, maybe a Farang Lawyer licensed to practice law in Thailand…

        • Robert

          Sorry, but that’s not possible, lawyer is specifically one of the professions banned to foreigners. Of course enough money can evade anything here.

        • John Guru

          You think that a farang lawyer in Thailand will be any more capable and non-corruptible than homegrown Thai lawyers? You would trust a farang lawyer in Thailand to put your interests first? Even in some western countries, you would be surprised to know that the percentage of lawyers that end up in gaol exceed any other profession!

  • Chromodynamix

    The Thaitanic!

  • Donny64

    Disgusting untruthful people…Nothing ever changes there, and it never will…Get well soon!

  • Tai G

    And now how much will they fine the caption , a hefty 1000baht ???

  • Mark_My_Words

    No more island hopping for me in Pattaya!!

  • Don1

    “He was told that poor enforcement of marine regulations was ultimately to
    blame for the disaster as the overloaded ferry should not have been
    allowed to sail” ….. Nothing to do with consuming alcohol and methamphetamine and then hitting some rocks whilst pinging of his rocker! WTF,,,,, Buts its OK the dead’s family’s got a few grand and everything is sweet again. Whats it going to take to stop this nonsence as even Manaila is looking better than Pattaya these days in regards to corruption and not abiding by the laws.

    who was found to have recently consumed methamphetamine – See more at:
    who was found to have recently consumed methamphetamine – See more at:

    • The dead can not speak

      i told you that the cause would be perhaps drugs or alcohol since thai bus, van, truck drivers on the road use that frequently.
      But we’re wrong, not captains fault. While the boat was returning safely, SUDDENLY, out of nothing, a big rock appeared in front of the boat and a collision was unavoidable. they should arrest the rock !!!

  • aussie jeff

    As usual – lots of apologies & more promises from local govt & law enforcement. Nothing will ever change. Despite what the diehards & apologists say : Thailand is one country determined to stay firmly Third World in its style, plodding & thinking. Corruption is so firmly institutionalized that not even a tsunami can sweep it away.

  • xxx2

    “Captain” – what does one do to become a “captain” on a local island-hopper? Go to primary school and never learn to count, party with friends on board & forget you have passengers, take drugs, hit the rocks, run away when the boat is in trouble……….Imagine having several hundred of these types managing boats in Thailand as time and again we hear – from lesser incidents.

    And as for “focus on speedboat and jet ski issues” NOT, NOT, NOT – just stand with a camera on Beach Road and witness first hand the daily tourist rip-offs which have continued for 20+ years almost on the doorstep of Pattaya Police Station. shame.

  • Paul England

    Lots of hot air until the media frenzy dies down, then back to the usual unsafe practices in a few weeks.

    Oh, and the captain shouldn’t worry too much; either he’ll be bailed for years and/or disappear or fined after a long appeal.

  • Phoenix one

    Oh yeah,sure. Being italian ,I know very well these kind of declarations,good will,promises given by the politicians. Of course,don t believe one word from them.

  • adrian

    This is a shocking story of incompetence and greed. I don’t buy the jet ski BS nothing has been done. I would urge people to “share” the story of this disaster on social media. Try to warn everyone you can,maybe you could save somebody. I doubt this will be the last disaster. I bet there are overloaded boats everyday.

  • PattayaBoring

    where you go? some remote area where your white skin stands for fertility and where on arrival all girls from the village want a baby from you? let me come with you, i wanna live like a king too!!! lets go instincts go go go!!!

    • allcents

      hahahahaaaaaa…good one…still i think its best leave trevor to his own devices because he sounds like a serious uptight kinda guy and us patt addicts all know its not a place for a self-righteous judgemental tourist, so loosin up trev or forget about thailand….. period….

  • khun Thai

    Captain Methamphetamin… WTF?

  • Pete

    ‘ ….for those who where thought to be missing…’

    In other words: nobody know exactly how many people where on board!

    Except getting bribes on time, what do those officals actually do know or care?

    And what about the life jackets, 1 jacket for each passenger, why is that so difficult to make that a rule for each boat?

  • Tummers

    Outrageous, but totally expected for Pattaya!!

    • Baxer

      Do you really think the boats is safer in other parts of Thailand, or anywhere in south east asia? If so, think again.

  • Lee

    Travelling to Thailand is like playing Russian roulette
    (excuse my analogy)
    Over the past few years we’ve all read about coaches cashing
    and most of us have taken a meter taxi driven by the failed formula one driver,
    and try as you might you keep telling him to slow down!!
    And what is the common denominator when they are involved in an accident?

    They run from the seen or there high on drugs.

    So ask yourself, would you put your life in their hands for
    300,000 Baht (£5,900, $9,500 or 7,120 euro’s) as someone has posted that wouldn’t
    even get your body back home.

  • Dave

    Instead of urine testing bar staff in clubs they should start testing ,boat captains,taxi drivers,baht bus drivers,jet ski operators,coach drivers.Tourist saftey is on the bottom of the list for this greedy Country.Stab a tourist and the police fine you 5000 baht.As long as the victims are foreigners nothing will change..Thai’s don’t deserve our tourist dollars.

    • Angry

      If I am not mistaken the fine for the case which farang was stabbed is 500 baht.
      Very sad.

  • Robert

    Let me get this right; they were too busy with speed boats to have time to regulate ferries, in other words they are trying to blame this accident on the last one. This is as laughable as the hotel of death in Chiang Mai when the married couple both died in the same bed on the same night by “coincidence.”

    As usual, stupidity and hubris are a deadly combination, and these monkeys have once again chosen to insult the intelligence of the rest of the World rather than accept responsibility for their own incompetence.

    In the Chiang mai incident it took an Australian TV crew posing as tourists to find the truth, this charade is so silly on its face there is no need to disprove it.

  • willo

    Yeah, it´s the captains fault not the Ferry company or the Government regulation failure of course. Make sense.

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