• shergarsghost

    Rest in Peace Mike

  • Blue Balls

    Don’t believe this nonsence for one minute. Follow the money! Who benefits from his death? Possibly his wife or business partner. Sad story and suspicious. It will be brushed under the rug. Beware of Thailand!

  • craig

    I do not mean any disrespect to his family or friends but some labels are thrown around quite loosely these days. The word engineer and especially hero have been skewed in recent years.

    I suppose this fellow somehow lost his path and became confused or indifferent to life.

    Through a curious mind, education, practice, work, and whores I am a legitimate engineer.

    On an engineering level any problem is simply something to be mitigated.

    I will owe everyone and when the time is near I will pay one person so he/she will label me as a hero at my funeral.

    I think the reason for so many foreign suicides is the inability to understand Pattaya because of a lack of experience with this type of thing.

    I do not care what your age is but if you want to walk out with your sanity I would recommend 10, 20 or 30 years direct topic experience before you get to this mind f%$k.

    PON has, for some reason, lost the intellectual comments it had before. I am going to stand down until that is rectified.

    I am still making a huge profit on the, “I hate Jake” t-shirts.

  • xxx2

    One more person with “relationship issues” and “other problems” ending it all in Pattacide. There must be a handful of ‘normal’ untroubled folk among the diehards & long-term in that town?

  • Phoenix one

    R.I.P .
    Another Pattaya victim. Many times I ask myself what the hell are we doing here .

    • Robert

      The line between someone really loving you and a gold digger is blurry enough at home, here it’s a thousand times worse. It takes a strong mind to override a mans natural delight when a beautiful girl less than 1/2 his age appears to love him. Cynicism is like a drug, a little is good but too much ruins your life, it’s difficult to get the dosage right.

      • steven

        its blurry? should get clearer as you get older man. do you really think that you old man and maybe obese too look in the mirror and think some beautiful thai girls of age 20 would LOVE YOU? farangs really YOU GOTTA start thinking and make sense. if you 50yrs and thinking right now if this sexy thaigirl maybe loves you … NO, definately NOOO, NOOOOOOOOOOOOO bring me a tool i will hammer it in your head.

    • steven

      stop crying that much old man. you know pattaya gets frequently flooded by rain and so stop contribute to it. you WONT find love in pattaya if it is what you looking for. and next time plz speak only for yourself.

  • kim

    ive lived here for years, now im worried i wake up some morning and
    something tells me its ur TURN!!!!!………..IM SPOOKED thinking of moving to PP

    • http://karmaeconomics.blogspot.com/ lavista4u

      No you wont be….You are paranoid…Which is a very good thing to have in South East Asia…being paranoid, suspicious of others behavior will make you live past 80 plus easily…Come to PH its great but be paranoid all the time….:)

  • aussie jeff, the real one

    what the fxxx are you waffling on about, please explain

    • Somchai

      I think Don1 is talking about “skewed sub-intellectual comments”. Maybe a message there.

  • Tomtom

    Well he could have waited 5 more years, but maybe he already waitred 5 years since the last time he decided to end his life.
    It’s his life, he didn’t choose to be born, but at least we can decide when to die, if we don’t wait too long of course.. :-)

    It’s not a big deal, only the living are not happy because their turn is yet to come, at least for him it’s done..

  • Don1

    Headcase of Engineering. Bring back Jake i miss him… What did you do with him? Because he would balance out your skewed sub-intellectual comments to somewhat of an equilibrium of understanding for all to comprehend and rest in peace? Stand down accepted… RIP Mike…

  • Johnnywalker

    Sad New Rest in Peace Mike

  • weasel

    people ‘top’ themselves in all countries around the globe.nothing special here.RIP Mike.

  • John-ex42comm

    When are WE all going to wake up and learn that these women are not relationship material. Underneath it all they don’t really care about us and it is sad when someone takes there life over one of these women. Thais are ruthless people with hearts of stone. Best to not fully get involved over here you will have a much better time and wake up happy every day.

    • Reg

      But my girl is different 555555555

  • Dill Pickles

    The brain is suppose to be in charge, but too many let it be overruled by the heart & dick. Don’t blame LOS or bargirls, anyone can be taken advantage of anywhere. If one is stupid enough to surrender power of thought to his heart & dick, be lead to emotional & financial ruin, they are beyond saving. Here is just a good place to let it happen. Wish I had 100THB for every dead farang I have read about over the last 33.5 yrs.

  • Larry Finklestein

    Snakes in the grass, you gotta sleep with one eye open in Pattaya

  • The dead can not speak

    why don’t they just leave if the problem is pattaya related>

    • Wally

      Maybe he was about to leave Pattaya. He’s wife has sold the house. He had a lot of problems with various persons in Thailand. Personally he never seemed like the sort of gy to hang his self. R.I.P Mike….

  • Robert

    Rest in Peace Mike, best wishes to your family in this difficult time. Just a thought worth publishing; there is no emergency psychiatric help in Pattaya but if you call a suicide prevention hotline in your home Country they would help and it’s very doubtful they would care where you are.

  • gwats1957

    This town is seriously full on mercenary females……

    • aussie jeff, the real one

      yes gwats, mercenary females who are on a mission, money mission, oh you very handsome man, I think we have all heard that one in patts

  • Phoenix one

    ?????? First,I ‘ m not crying,just observe the reality around .Second,never look to find ” love ” in Pattaya,it is difficult in my native country,imagine here. Third, I try to avoid stupids,but unfortunately ,in Pattaya they cannot stay far from me ( you included ) .
    Given my poor english,if you don t understand,tell me,will try to explain it better.

    • Robert

      The jerk off is not worth arguing with. He’s obviously another mental giant. As for you, sounds like you’re having fun here, most men do and have no problem with it.

  • gwats1957

    That should be the signature song for the City…. ‘Hey handsome man..spend a little time with your wallet?’ :)

    • Maverick

      As most of us know, your handsomeness is directly proportional to the size of your wallet and bank account!

      • gwats1957

        In Thailand, that’s for damn sure!

    • gland jack

      Keep that wallet chained up to those cargo pants we read about you like using in Pattaya gwats and no problem.

  • Wes

    Mike Ord R.I.P. For people who didn’t know him he was an excellent guy who helped many people to race. He helped my son become Vice Champion of Thailand. Like many people in Pattaya he had his problems. He did not have a Thai wife but a British one. I guess theres a lot we don’t know but he’s passing is a very sad for our family and our thoughts go out to this family. Till we meet again R.I.P Mike May God Bless your soul

  • Mr. Green

    We hope the Police find out how than this. Rip Mike

  • Phoenix one

    Hi Robert. Yes ,you are right ,better don t waste time ,
    As for me, I HAD fun before. Now,many things and people behaviour changed a lot. Of course I got my bad experiences,like everyone,but always take it easy and with a smile.life is life. But now,I cannot stay all the time in Pattaya,I need short or long break for change air. Best regards.

  • Jeff

    RIP Mike, sadly and very regretfully, I’d not seen Mike in over 20 years, this is very sad news, my thoughts and prayers are with Mike’s wife Linda and his surviving family members

  • Larry Finklestein

    Yeah follow the money! I don’t think the Thai police would need a CSI lab to figure this one out if they made the effort =p

  • d

    pattaya is up there with any other class a drug take with care thais are ruthless and what thai is gonna give any farrang nam jai as he flashes his cash and boom booms their ladys
    for his two week holiday think about it there waiting for ya stepping of the plane a fool and his money are easy parted

  • john

    You have to remember, These ‘girls do NOT love you, they don’t even LIKE you’. If they liked you, you wouldn’t have to pay them to sex with you, they would do it for free. Straight men are so lonely and seem to WANT to be taken advantage of. They pay their worthless wives to sta;y with them when the love is long gone. The Thai’s,,, They only want your money. It’s best to just boom-boom in the skivvy houses and leave. I don’t even bring them back to my condo cause they ‘all work together’ to get your money.

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