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  • Incredible Hulk

    You got to dot those eyes! It’s funny that even the dirt bag expats come up with the same lame Thai excuses for they’re crimes. It’s always “I need the money”. Well sadly for you the rest of us honest people need our money as well. I hope you enjoy the monkey house!

    • Bugs bunny

      The green idiot has spoken get off your bar stool !

  • Phoenix one

    Strange. Due to Thai greedy on gold,I always thought they are very professional about it. So,I am surprise the owner shop can accept fake gold bracelets.Mah, I don t know ……

    • Streetbreed

      Most likely it is gold inkluded, old scam is gold with a core of something else. You have to invest in the cover make it look real. To thin and they will see and to thick well you lose to much, and then have a core with the same weight as gold. Thats why most fake gold is solid things, chains etc gets to expensive to make. Or they find a new way to update the scam…

  • Jonny

    Read a story recently about Pakistani group doing the same to gold shop in a gulf state country,seems whatever they are using(wonder what it actually is) is fooling jewellers ,who are usually on there guard,into believing it’s real gold.Word travels fast in these circles don t think it will become a major problem.

  • soidog

    A quick dip and a thin coat of gold is applied to a base metal that’s weight would be the same
    as it were gold.The acid test for gold only tests the outermost layer,when this cheat with
    discovered the fakers dipped twice!

  • mikey

    however, it is ok for the gold shops to rip off the customers.

    • ob

      evidence please.

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