• trevor1976

    give the mother 10k s worth of food,clothes but not money.god only knows what she could spent it on

  • SiamFrysian

    Not often am I left completely speechless; but this is the most horrific thing one ‘human being’ can inflict on another; a 4 year old little girl . . . . . Unbelievable ! !
    Thank the Lord for the Paveena Foundation.
    Hope this little girl and her mummy can find some sort of healing from this 2 month’s total nightmare ! !

  • upena1

    Typical. Transfer to an “inactive post”. Meaning the director will be placed in charge of another shelter and the abuse will continue.

  • kk

    I can’t think of any species that could behave like this. Other than the human race, especially thai!!

  • John Knights

    A fun time awaits this guy in jail. Ex-cop in the monkey house.

  • Robert

    If he is proven guilty I hope he gets the punishment he deserves. It would appear another over-the-top crime was quickly solved by the Thai Police. I hope the little girl get all the medical and psychological help she needs. Things like this happen in police departments all over the World.

  • gwats1957

    He was a former police officer… he knows how hard being victimized can be, and still, he does this to a 4 year old girl? I foresee pain, and suffering in his immediate future.

  • mike piromporn

    castrate him!

    • 1fALANG

      I AGREE so does my wife MARRYANNE who is involved in the child protection service.

  • Streetbreed

    Get your facts right, the most common sex offender against Children are a White male, the worst cases mostly done in europe. How many times have you read about a thai who looked Girls up in his basement to use as an sex slave? There is bad eggs in every basket, but to say that thai’s are the worst just shows that you have no idea what you talking about.

    • William

      Hope you get streetwise some day. The fact you don’t read much about these crimes in Thai newspapers does not mean the crimes do not happen in Thaland.

      • Robert

        Sadly these offenses apparently are not crimes when Thai males do it, go by any of the Karaoke hostess bars that cater to Thai males in Pattaya or anywhere else in Thailand. Many of the girls look like they are 13-15 years old.

    • soidog

      In first World countries they admit and address social problems,statistics are logged and filed for all to see.I would suspect that this is not the case in some countries.Bad eggs everywhere as you say.

  • Tomtom

    True or false, it must be sad when nobody believes you didn’t rape this 4yo girl..
    He will go on trial and in prison (all that is maybe) and along the way nobody will believe him..

  • aussie jeff

    not only thai kk

  • Robert

    That’s the Thai equivalent of the Japanese banishment room, not an uncommon concept for Asia.

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